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Earning cash with Content articles: Allowing Others Use Your Content

Make it possible for other individuals use your content articles, as well as your resource box which can notify site visitors who wrote it and how they may make contact with you, on their site. This will help to in promoting your personal website and provide you in targeted traffic by way of the search results optimization and marketing efforts of other individuals.

For you personally what this means is totally free promotion simply for writing a simple article about a topic that you’re without a doubt knowledgeable about. The much more individuals who make use of your article as content material as his or her website, the greater potential site visitors you will get. These website owners will likely be utilizing Search engine optimization techniques, banner ad exchanges, and perhaps even a Pay-Per-Click marketing campaign to acquire targeted traffic to their affiliate marketing website.

These are typically marketing and advertising techniques that sometimes acquire considerable time or a ton of money and they’ll be totally free available for you simply because you positioned your content exactly where other individuals are able to use them. There are numerous places on the web offering to publish your article to ensure that other individuals may possibly view and/or utilize it. Continually try to to put your content articles on each and every one of these websites to enable you to reach as numerous website owners as you possibly can.

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SEO, Social Media and Content All Work Together

Search engine optimization, social media and a good content all work together. These three factors accompany each other to take the business to a higher level of success. If one is given a task to choose the best and most successful strategy out of these three, that will be a tougher task to do so. Because all of these online marketing strategies go hand in hand.

The content is written and published to invite traffic to a website but it cannot get success until and unless people know about it and it can only be done by promoting your content on various social media platforms and also to get it noticed by google, you need to optimize your content using various SEO techniques. This shows that selecting the most appropriate strategy out of these three is quite difficult and thus, all these factors go hand in hand.

The people search for the desired content through different paths. It is not necessary that everyone will follow a single path to search the desired query. Similarly, it is also not necessary that Google will provide them result on a single basis. Your website may be found either on the basis of search results or social media promotion or a combination of both.

The professionals from leading SEO companies suggests keeping following things in mind to get a clear picture of how SEO, Social Media and Content work together and helps a brand achieve success and get itself listed in SEO companies list.

Helps Build Your Brand Faster:

SEO, social media and content together work very hard to build your brand’s reputation and take it to a great level of success. This is how all these factors cooperate with each other to build your brand:

SEO and Social media work synergistically to provide your brand an online recognition.
On one side, SEO brings organic traffic to your website, while on the other hand, social media popularize your content.

Social media takes your brand to a wider audience through various social media platforms and maximizes its reach.

SEO optimizes the content of your website and helps it in achieving better ranking in Google or other SERPs.

Encourages Natural Links:

Natural linking is one of the great tactics to generate traffic to your website. Earlier, the links were purchased so as to get ranking in the search engine, this practice was considered as ‘link scheme’ and Google banned this process of link scheme in its updated algorithms. If any brand exercises link scheme then it will be liable to pay a penalty imposed by Google Guidelines. Also, SEO, social media and content help in encouraging the natural links by:
Putting SEO and social media plans together to naturally invite links through content optimization and social media promotions.
As people come to know about your content and enjoy it, they will definitely share it on various platforms. This will thus help in generating traffic as well as in achieving higher rankings.

Be Sure To Create Great Content:

Content is the key factor which ties SEO and social media with an aim to generate traffic, achieve rank in search engines and also build the online reputation of the brand. Great content is the only common factor between these two other strategies. A great SEO can be processed if the content is highly creative and social media users will also get attracted towards the appealing content. Great content will help you in:
Achieving higher ranks in search engines through search engine optimization.
Maximize brand’s reach to a large number of audience via social media platforms.

All these factors prove that it is not sufficient to just optimize your brand’s website and leave it as it is. It further needs many much activities to be processed to maximize its reach, build its online reputation, provide the brand a sort of recognition and at last helps it in achieving higher ranks in search engines. This all can be made possible only by the effective collaboration of SEO, social media and content. Google encourages a website with efficient SEO, great content and an amazing social media promotion, to get rankings in search engine result pages and get that brand listed on the top of the web page.

About the Author
Jacob James is the Research Manager with 10seos,10seos unveils the global and local listings of the best SEO companies< /a> operating in different localities.Jacob heads the SEO and PPC research at 10seos. You can follow 10seos at @10seos

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PLR Seller Q&A #2: Can You Sell Content You’ve Already Published?

Now this is a question that certainly piqued my interest. I have a ton of content I’ve created, sitting around, not doing much for me, but now I see a way to turn it into another revenue stream. Pay close attention to this one.


From Alice and Ron:

Here’s another great question we’ve received about selling PLR content that we wanted to share with you.

“Can you sell content you’ve already published?”

You’ll be glad to hear the answer is a resounding, HECK YES!

And the best part is, this kind of content often sells better than content you create specifically to sell as PLR. Let us explain…

Whenever Alice is set to retire an information product, she packages it into a PLR product that her customers can then turn into a product, use as free online content and more. She does the same with old blog posts. Yes, the content has to be evergreen or it needs to updated so it’s current, but it’s small work compared to creating a product from scratch.

She then makes sure to tell her customers that it’s previously published content. Not just for full disclosure, but so they know it’s premium content, personally written by Alice. And if it’s an information product that was already proven to sell, they jump at the opportunity to buy rights at a fraction of the normal cost to create a similar product themselves.

As long as you created the content yourself or have full rights to sell the content as PLR, you can absolutely sell previously published content. And you can start doing that today easily.


This is one of things Alice and Ron talk about in their Content Cash Flow training, so if you’ve got content sitting around and you’d like to turn it into some income, join us. We’ll talk about how to prepare your content and turn it into a PLR product, how to sell it effectively and more.

This is limited training and personal guidance you won’t find elsewhere, so don’t miss it.

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Free guide: Add more impact to your content

Writing is powerful. It’s persuasive. It can even create vivid imagery in one’s mind when they’re engrossed in a story or other piece of writing.

But remember we live in a visual world and this is especially true on the Internet where attention span is fleeting. When someone visits your blog post or Kindle book page, you have just a couple of seconds to capture their attention or they’ll simply click away.

It’s sad, but true. But there is something you can do about it.

You can get this free guide that shows you how to embrace the power of visual content:

Get it Here

You’ll discover how visuals can boost engagement and your sales…all with a bunch of real world examples that you can apply to your own content.

Get it while it’s still available for free.

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