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How to Use Article Marketing to Create Your Own Online “ATM Machine

05/16/2016 in Marketing,writing | Comments (0)

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I’ve been a prolific article marketer since 2005. I’ve used this form of online marketing to promote everything from affiliate products, to my self-published ebooks and e-classes. It’s some of the easiest, most effective web marketing you can do. Why/how?

Well, quite frankly when web surfers go online, what they’re looking for usually is information. Study after study after study has shown that the vast majority of shoppers conduct research before making purchases. Proof?

GE Capital Retail Bank’s second annual Major Purchase Shopper Study has found that a growing number of consumers extensively research and compare prices and financing offers before making major purchases. According to the study, 81% of consumers go online before heading out to the store … and spend an average of 79 days gathering information before making a major purchase. [Source: RetailingToday.com, Study: 81% research online before making big purchases]

Article Marketing Is Simply Giving Online Shoppers What They Want

When you write and distribute articles, you’re giving prospective customers the info they need to make an informed decision before purchasing. And if you do this consistently, you’ll become a go-to option so that when a prospect is looking for your type of product/service, you have a much better chance of making the sale than some unknown entity that they’ve never heard of.

I like to think of article marketing as courting potential customers.

Article Marketing 101 Tip: Every time you write and distribute an article, be sure to link back to your website (remember, the whole purpose of giving away free content is to drive traffic to your website/blog).

The best thing to link to? More detailed information and/or a product service. I like to link to both; usually in the body of an article I put a link to a page on my site that has more detailed information. In the About the Author section (Resource Box), I’ll link to an actual product (ebook) or service (e-class).

Now that you know why article marketing is so effective, let’s look at how you can use it to create your own online ATM machine.

3 Things You Need to Do to Start Making Money Online Marketing with Articles

(i) The first thing you need to do is set up a website or blog with your product/service on it.

(ii) Second, add a subscriber box (like the one at the bottom of this page) where you ask visitors to give you their email address. You can use newsletter services like ConstantContact.com and Aweber.com for this, which costs as little as $10 per month.

(iii) Third, in order to entice visitors to give you their email address, offer something free, eg, an ebook, a report, a webinar, etc. You will need to create this, and of course, it should be something about how your product/service can benefit them. Never forget, this freebie is not about you. It’s about how you (your product/service) can help prospects achieve their goals.

Tip: Make sure your freebie is valuable – it should be something that you could easily sell, but choose to give away for free.

The whole idea here is to build a subscriber list that you can market to consistently over time. And you know what — it doesn’t even have to be that large. For one of my affiliate programs, I have a list with just over 400 subscribers. But, they’re extremely loyal.

Two or three times a week, I send out an article to this list, and every time I do, it’s like inserting a bank card into an ATM machine. Why/how? Because when I send content to them, they send it to their lists, post it to their social media accounts and list it on their websites. This brings sales – for them and for me.

And it all started because I got their email address.

Treat Your Traffic Like Honored Guests

Article marketing will bring a lot of visitors to your site. And many of them will gladly give you their email address if they’re interested in your product/service. And, you should treat them like gold. What do I mean?

Well, I’ve belonged to some affiliate marketing lists where the promoters bombard you with offers – wanting you to buy, buy, buy. But, they don’t take the time to answer questions, or give you tools (like free content) to become more successful as an online marketer.

Don’t be like this.
How to Keep Subscribers On Your List Happy

Respond to queries that people on your list send to you; be honest and upfront about your product/service; give a generous commission (the standard is around 50%); and don’t blitz the inbox of your list members with offer after offer after offer. This amounts to spam in my opinion.

Article marketing can be summed up in two words in my experience – building relationships.

You see, you have to build a loyal customer base who will purchase from you over and over again to make good money using article marketing. This starts with building a respectful, mutually beneficial relationship. Never forget this.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black is an online entrepreneur who has written and distributed over 1,000 articles and more than 50 ebooks. She’s used internet article marketing to generate thousands of dollars in sales of her ebooks and e-classes. You can build up to this too!

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05/13/2016 in Business | Comments (0)

Six Steps to Creating Online Presentations for Telephone Selling

05/11/2016 in Marketing | Comments (0)

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How much extra money could you make by closing just one or two additional sales a day? You can double, or even triple, the effectiveness of your telephone selling by showing prospects why they should buy from you, instead of just telling them.

Clients and prospects are visually oriented. They process and retain 75% of the information they see, compared to about 15% of the information they hear.

There are six steps involved in preparing online visuals you and your prospects can look at online during telephone conversations and teleconferences.

Step 1: Desired result

Start by identifying what you want to accomplish during each phone call. Ask yourself:

What is the primary message I want to communicate?
What action do I want my client or prospect to take?
What information can I provide to convince them to take the desired action?

Your answers to these questions will provide the framework you need to begin preparing for your upcoming calls.

Step 2: Benefits

Next, translate your product or service into benefits they will enjoy if they take the action you want them to take. Identify as many different ways as possible your product or service can benefit your client. Be as specific as possible.

Step 3: Framework

Open your presentation program and create an “empty” set of visuals to support your upcoming calls. This will provide a framework for developing your telephone sales presentation.

Don’t be concerned the contents of each visual. At this point, don’t stop to fill in the details for each visual. Simply create an empty presentation visual and title for each of the points you want to cover in your upcoming telephone calls.

Hint: You may want to create a template with placeholder visuals to help quickly prepare future presentations.

Step 4: Provide proof

Next, go through your presentation framework and complete each of the visuals by adding appropriate text and graphics. As you complete each visual, strive to make your benefits as specific and as visual as possible. Translate your products or services into added dollars and cents revenue, reduced costs, or time savings.

Whenever possible, show, rather than tell. Translate words into information graphics, like tables, charts, and graphs, to emphasize:

Comparisons, i.e. before and after revenues or expenditures of time and money.
Trends, i.e. growing market share.

Add photographs to personalize and reinforce case studies and testimonials. Use logos, rather than words, to emphasize case studies and satisfied clients.

Step 5: Contingency visuals

Next, prepare to respond to objections that prospects may bring up during your calls.

Start by identifying the possible objections that prospects might come up. Determine how to respond to each one. Then, prepare visuals that will only be used if your prospect brings the specific objection up.

Typical objections concern price, competitive features, ease of use, and economic uncertainty.

Step 6: Upload and rehearse

After reviewing your work, use your presentation program’s Save as… command to save your presentation in the appropriate online format.

Then, upload your presentation to the server where you and your prospects can access it online during calls.

Rehearse your presentation, until you can comfortably proceed from point to point, and easily access the contingency visuals, (if needed).

Consider your web-based presentations a “work in progress” that you continually update and refine. Prepare additional visuals as new objections come up. And prepare personalized slide titles and visuals for specific clients and prospects.

About the author

Let Roger C. Parker help you harness the latest technology to promote your expertise. For more information, please visit www.onepagenewsletters.com.

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