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Building a Strong Client Relationship

As a salesperson, you will be given a very large responsibility. Your task is largely to make sure that the company stays profitable and that enough revenues are being brought in.

As a result, it is critically important that you learn how to build a relationship of trust with your clients quickly. When they trust you, they will be much more likely to make a purchase because they believe that what you have to offer will fulfill a need that they have.

The first thing you will need to do is take an outside in perspective. This means that you will learn how to take a step back and look at the situation for how it is instead of analyzing every little detail that happens along the way.

Learn to see what is really happening. Determine whether what you are offering will really meet the needs of the potential client in some way.

Then, determine whether you are relaying that it can meet their needs properly and whether they seem to be convinced. When you know what is really going on and how the client really feels, you will be able to respond to various situations more appropriately.

The second thing you will want to learn how to do effectively is negotiate. Many salespeople lose sales simply because they put off negotiating until it is too late and the client is frustrated or does not think they can get what they want for the price they want.

It has been determined through studies that much of the actual negotiation takes place before a face to face meeting. If it does not happen before then, then it often does not happen at all.

As a result, you will want to make sure you take advantage of any contact you have with the client before the actual face to face meeting. Make sure you get all of the correct facts you can before initially contacting them so that you will be able to work with them in the more effective manner.

Negotiation is definitely a process that can take quite a bit of time to complete. However, you will definitely want to get as much of it done as quickly as possible.

The third thing that you will want to do is find a common ground to work with the client on. Many people feel much more comfortable when they are working with or talking to people that are like themselves.

As a result, it works out wonderfully if the potential client is a lot like you. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

It is much easier to build a relationship of trust when there is at least some kind of common ground between you. Try to find something that you can easily talk about together, whether it is similar hobbies, similar goals, or something else.

At times, you will probably find that certain relationships are simply awkward at best. However, the more in common that you find to talk about with others, the less awkward it will tend to be.

Finding common ground quickly is critical to learning how to build strong relationships of trust. It is best if you can find common ground on the personal level and on the professional level.

However, whatever you can find to work with will have to do. In addition, try to always let the client know that you have their best interests in mind.

This will help ensure that you are both working towards a common goal. The fourth thing that you will want to make sure you do is double check and triple check to make sure that you know what the needs of the other party really are.

No matter how persuasive you are, you cannot convince someone to purchase something and then be fully satisfied if you are not addressing a need that they have. It is not talent to convince someone to purchase something they do not see a need for because you do not know what their need is.

It is talent to be able to find out what they need quickly and then show how what you are offering will meet that need. If you can, have an open discussion about what the potential client needs early in the relationship.

The earlier you are aware of the needs of the potential client, the stronger and better relationship you will be able to build. Make sure you ask a variety of open ended questions until you arrive at the answer that you were looking for.

Article Source: Hosted CRM for sales management software.

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Are You Recognizing Your Target Market

Achieving good sales is the ultimate target of any firm. Many criteria, such as competitive pricing, near perfect product, reaching out to correct audience and motivational advertising, are responsible for this and should be dealt with in marketing.

First things first, all the efforts will go futile if the correct audience is not recognized. It is the major factor in getting abundant sales, because the right customers aren’t targeted, they won’t buy the product. The right customers are known as targeted customers or niche market, those who will be happy to buy products that fulfill their needs and is also less pricey.

Small businesses shouldn’t fear competition with large companies as they produce products considering a bigger spectrum, which sometimes won’t be customer specific as the products are more generalized and they don’t much care about the competition they might get from others. This gives an opportunity to the smaller firms to produce products, which can cater to the need of a section of people whose needs aren’t met specifically by the large companies.

Although it seems like a silly question, but firstly, a firm should understand who are the people they want to target. The success lies behind understanding this, which requires thorough research and analysis. Various factors must be considered. The age group is the first factor, whether the product will be useful to babies or children or teenagers or youngsters or middle aged or old. Sometimes there is a possibility that the product will cater to the needs of all age groups. Next thing to consider is gender. Marital status, occupation, ethnic background, health status, income status, education, hobbies, etc., are some of the factors that should also be pondered upon.

After decided upon the customer group to be targeted, the benefits that can be provided by the product to this group should be jotted down. A thorough examination of the service or product should be done for this purpose. If there is sufficient time, a survey can be conducted on the current customers and pose them with questions like what they liked in the products they are using, anything discomfort they are facing, do they want anything to be changed to make the product better, etc.
SEO SpyGlass

After making a list of all the benefits, thought should be applied to which of these benefits will actually help the targeted audience. Make a short list of the benefits that will be advantageous and send it to the marketing department. It can surely help in their marketing plan and can boost up sales.
Internet has made reaching out to the targeted customers can be very easy. Search engines can be utilized to the maximum extent for this purpose. The thing to be exactly searched can be typed as a keyword or search phrase in the search engines and the results brought on the first three pages will be of great value. But lots of time and investment is involved in this process, as different keywords will fetch different search results. So efforts should be made to finally get what is desired.

Next best thing is reaching out by newsletters and ezines. Many ezines are related to marketing, finance, shopping, Internet, etc. A number of ezines websites can be found in an ezines directory, which even contains the contact information, advertising price, etc. The list of ezines website sites should be cut down to which are relating to the target market and ad should be placed in the ones selected which should include all the product advantages if the ad allows that many words.

Recognizing the target market is crucial to any successful advertising and sales campaign. Once it is recognized, they can be reached through different channels like websites, newspapers, magazines, etc. This makes the customer think that he is being directly addressed to. And since the whole approach will interest them, the amount of traffic received in return will be simply overwhelming and the whole effort will be worth it.

Are You Going to Fish or Are You Going To Cut Bait?

Article By: Marlon Sanders

Dear Friend,

I’ve only fished once in my life.

But fishing makes a great analogy to marketing.

What most of us do in marketing is all screwed up.

We hop down to the bait shop, smell around. Do some bait-tasting. And so forth until we come up with the bait that we personally like.

Then instead of going to the pond right in our own backyard, you know, the one where we KNOW for sure what bait the fish like, we drive 100 miles to the pond that is bigger and looks prettier.

Then we cast out our rod and reel with the bait that WE would bite on.

Now, that can work if you ARE one of the little fishes in that pond. But if you aren’t, then the fish aren’t likely to bite. See, fish are weird creatures.

They only bite on bait THEY like.

Sure enough. Today the fish aren’t biting. You blame it on the weather. Blame it on the book you read about fishing.

Blame it on the rod and reel you bought.

Blame it on the other fisher person who happens to be reeling ‘em in right and left!

Blame it on everyone and everything else.

Except your bait. It couldn’t be that because you are in LOVE with your own bait.

So you toss down your rod and reel. You grab your box ‘o bait. You jump in the water, swim down till you see some of those nasty little fish.

You grab one of those suckers and cram your hook with the bait on it down the throat of the fish. Then you pop up to the surface, go to shore, grab your rod and reel and act like you’re really catching a good one!

Yep, this bait is really hot, you exclaim. The fish are just crazy about it!

That, my fine friend, is called falling in love with your product. We’ve all done it.

We have the greatest product in the world and we know it. And we’re going to cram it down our customer’s throats if it hair lips every freaking’ frog in Georgia. (If you’re reading this from overseas, Georgia is a place in the U.S. with a whole lot of frogs.)

I can hear it now, “Marlon Sanders’ doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Cory Rudl doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Jonathan Mizel doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Declan Dunn doesn’t now what he’s talking about”… and so forth.

How does the smart fisherman or fisher woman catch fish?

Step one: Fish in the pond that’s close to home. The one you know like the back of your hand.

That’s your target market. Sell to a target market you know. Not that enticing one where you’re clueless about the little fishes in it.

Step two: Grab a bunch ‘o bait and take it to the pond with you. Be sure to grab several types you know from experience those little fishes just happen to love to gobble up like it’s candy.

Step three: Fish when the fish are hungry. Don’t fish after they’ve just eaten. If you gotta catch some fish and your pond is full, then go to the next closest pond.

Step four: Fish, man, fish.

You ain’t gonna catch those gnarly little critters if you just sit there staring’ at the other people fishing. Admiring them. Saying how great they are but you could never do it.

You gotta get your hands dirty with some bait. You gotta dig in there and get your rod and reel in the water.

You only catch fish by fishing.

Not by hoping one day you get good at fishing and you’ll be worthy of putting your hook in the water with the best of them.

Not by reading more books on fishing to exclusion of actually fishing.

Not by dreaming about fishing.

Dreaming, reading, preparing and everything else are great and very helpful. But you ain’t gonna snag yourself a darned fish ’till you finally get up the guts to get your rod and reel in there.

Then, while you’re sitting there waiting’ for your fish to bite, go ahead and read that fishing book.

A long time ago I sold time share in the evenings while I wrote freelance in the daytime trying to learn this business.

One of the speakers told this funny story that went something like this.

A fisherman got totally fed up with not catching any fish. So he got a bright idea one day and grabbed himself some sticks of dynamite.

He went down to his local fishing hole. Lit up a stick of dynamite, tossed it in the lake. It exploded. The fish came to the surface and he scooped himself up a whole bunch of them.

This was working out great.

He was really loadling up his truck with fish…

Till the park ranger showed up and informed him fishing with dynamite was against the law. The man looked puzzled a second.

Then he lit up a stick of dynamite. Stuck it in the hand of the park ranger and said:


I used to laugh and laugh over that one. But it’s a good point, isn’t it?

The question for you today is, are you gonna fish or are you gonna just cut bait?

Here’s to the joy of fishing!

- Marlon Sanders


Marlon Sanders is the author of The Amazing Formula That Sells Like Crazy, The Push Button Letters Software, How to Create Your Own Products in a Flash, Gimme My Money Now, The Marlon Sanders’ Marketing Dashboard, The Cash Like Clockwork System, The Action Grid System, The New Wave Direct Mail Success System and many other marketing systems, tools, courses and software programs.

For an in-depth look at the formula presented in this report, visit Marlon’s blog:

9 Must-Do Editing Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing

To market your website online effectively the creation of written content is becoming increasingly essential. Above all, to maximize your results from content marketing your content needs to be well-written, read well, and avoid errors.

You don’t have to be a natural born writer to create such content. It’s not as difficult as it may seem, and will also improve with practice.

To get started, create your first draft version without worrying too much about the writing itself. You just want the content down at this stage.

Some people find it easier to speak than to write. If that includes you, try using your smartphone or your PC to record your thoughts on a topic, and then get it transcribed.

Once you have the draft, you can then improve it and hone it into its final form. Use the following content editing tips to do so:

1. Leave it alone.

That’s right, just ignore it for a few days. It’s hard to go over something properly straight after you’ve produced the draft. By leaving it a while, you’ll come back to it afresh and will find the editing process more efficient.

2. Read it out loud.

It may look fine if you read it in your head. But by reading it aloud, it’s surprising what you can spot. You’ll notice awkward phrasing, parts that don’t read well, and areas that need some improvement.

3. Spell check it.

It might sound obvious, but it’s surprising how many people forget the basics. A simple typo can turn readers off and make your content (and therefore your business) seem unprofessional. Be sure to run your content through a spell checker.

4. Use another pair of eyes.

Someone else will always spot issues that you’ll be blind too. Ask someone else to review your content and let you know what they find. Even better, pair up with someone and review each other’s content on a regular basis. That way, you both win.

5. Avoid jargon.

Don’t speak your language. Speak the language of the audience you’re trying to attract.

Industry-related jargon won’t impress your potential new customers, it will turn them away. Put yourself in the shoes of the people in your marketplace, and translate your expertise into language that they can relate to and will benefit from.

6. Read it in reverse.

This sounds a strange one, but it actually works. By reading your content backwards, your brain steps up a gear because you have to be more mentally alert. As a result, you’ll spot things you would have otherwise missed. Better to spot it now than a few weeks or even months down the line.

7. Be active, not passive.

Check your content for passive sentences and try to turn them into active sentences. Active sentences are stronger, help bring your writing alive, and can make your writing easier to read.

But what is a passive sentence? It’s a passive sentence if the subject is not performing the action, but the action is being done on it.

Here’s an example of a passive sentence: The content was written by Brian.

Here’s what happens when we rewrite it as an active sentence: Brian wrote the content.

Stronger? Clearer? More succinct?

Yes, this is a more complex one, but it’s simple enough after a bit of practice. It’s certainly worth mastering it to improve your copy.

8. Cut ruthlessly.

Most of us tend to write more than required. Go through your content, and justify why every sentence, every paragraph and every word is there. If it’s not absolutely needed or your content could survive without it, cut it out.

9. Check your readability score.

Run your content through a readability checker to get your Flesch Reading Ease score. Google ‘readability check’ to find some tools you can use.

You’re generally aiming for a score over 60 for best results. For example, the score for this content is around 80.


To conclude, try using the above editing tips with your next piece of written content. You’ll be surprised how much it improves your writing, and therefore the results you get from your content marketing activities.

Article Source: http://www.content4reprint.com

About the Author
Steve Shaw is the founder of SubmitYourArticle.com, which helps businesses to build traffic and increase their online visibility by syndicating content to publishing websites worldwide. (You saw this, didn’t you?) Get started now with a 100% FREE SubmitYourArticle.com account: http://www.submityourarticle.com

Mobile Marketing Money Pages

Mobile marketing can be classified into two types based on the technology involved. The more traditional form involves marketing on the move like moving billboards and road shows. The second type refers to marketing on a mobile phone like cell phone. Since the onset of millennium, mobile marketing though cell phone has become very popular. Short message service popularly known as SMS has made marketing by this method a lot easier.

There were some problems in the beginning as unwanted information was being sent to the people. Most of the SMS that were passed around was spam and it received negative media response in all parts of the world. This was because a sector of the advertisers bought list of mobile users and began sending them unsolicited messages. They were later stopped due to strict security measures and laws passed. Marketing industry recognized the potential of mobile marketing and utilized it to the full extent. The mobile service providers coded guidelines and laws. It then became a legal advertising channel. The Mobile Marketing Association and Interactive Advertising Bureau also have laid down guidelines for the proper functioning of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing has become popular in Asia and Europe as it is a novel idea and in Europe alone hundreds of millions of pounds have been investing in SMS advertising. Now SMS has become the most famous part of mobile marketing. Because of the popularity of short codes, SMSing has become a lot easier. This has created a new approach to reach out to potential customers. Now mobile short codes are looked upon as mobile domain name, by many of the brands around the world, when the customers message the brand at any occasion.

In America, the first SMS short code campaign was started in 2002. SMS containing short codes are easier to send a message with complete information. Short codes are usually numbers that are assigned to mobile operators of a particular location, which they use for brand campaigning and other purposes. They are very small, like they contain only four to five words. These numbers are always under scrutiny by the service provider and each and every message is monitored to see that they do not go against the original service description.

Like opt-in emails, customers have to opt for SMSes. This is the biggest criterion, which the advertiser has to follow in order to send a promotional SMS. Some of the mobile operators ask for double opt-in form from the receiver. At the same time opting out is made easy for the customer. When the customer wishes to terminate receiving messages, they have to send STOP word by SMS. All these guidelines have been laid by the Mobile Marketing Association consumer best practice guidelines and it’s a compulsion to follow those by all the marketers who wish to do mobile marketing in America.

Now, service providers have started to provide the option of sending SMS to email addresses. Other than this, other services provided are mobile games, mobile tones etc., which are used for promotional purposes. This has lead to the invention of MMS or Multi-media Message Service, through which short promotional videos and animations can be send. Bluetooth is another good technology. It started in 2003, and many companies in Europe have found it useful. When a message is send via Bluetooth, the receiver should accept request from the sender. So, sending messages by this method is legitimate. The message transfer speed is high and is also a free service as it is a radio-based technology.

The method of sending SMS advertisement to mobile phone users based on their geographical location is known as Location based service. The customer is tracked via a GPS chip which is built-in the phone. Radio location signals from the nearest cell phone towers are used for this purpose.

Mobile marketing follows a very safe marketing strategy, as it is customer opted. The short message sent through this method is known as mobile originated or MO message. If the advertisement is done through a call, the call is known as mobile terminated or MT message. As there is a phenomenal increase in the number of mobile phone users, this kind of marketing is a sure hit.

How to Easily Increase Your SEO Writing Income – Without Marketing More

Many freelance writers leave money on the table by not practicing the art of upselling.
What is Upselling?

In case you’re not familiar with this type of “marketing speak,” this is simply the practice of persuading an existing customer to purchase an additional product/service.

So, for example, as an SEO writer, if a client already uses you to ghostwrite their blog posts, why not ask them if you can distribute it for them to their social media accounts.

This would be “upselling them” on your social media account management services. You already write the content, so distributing it would be an easy thing to do.
The Value of Upselling in Your Freelance / SEO Writing Business

One of the best reasons to practice upselling is that it’s an easy way to increase your freelance writing income without doing more work.

Also, you’re dealing with clients who already know, like and trust your work. They prove that by having you write for them. So there’s an existing, proven relationship there. Capitalize on it!

You’d be amazed at how many clients don’t know ALL of the services you offer. I’ve been freelancing since 1993, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Oh, I didn’t know you offered that service, wrote that type of content, could turn it around that quickly.”

“But it’s on my SEO writing website,” you may be thinking. Well, most clients don’t take the time to go through your website thoroughly; they just don’t. So, it’s up to you to remind them of ALL the ways you can help them. And, upselling is one way to do it.
SEO Content Providers: 3 Ways to Easily Upsell Clients

(i) Write a “Thank you for using us” ebook to send to clients that outlines all of your service offerings. Send this along with every job completed;

(ii) Make contact exactly one week after you turn in a project to ask for feedback / ask for another project;

(iii) Ask for referrals (create a form letter to send to satisfied clients that asks for referrals); etc.

The point is to get PROACTIVE about soliciting work from existing clients. According to the Pareto Principle, this is where 80% of your business will come from anyway – why not push it to 90%! If you put systems in place, you’d be surprised at how fast your SEO content writing business will grow.

About the Author: Yuwanda Black is the owner/operator of New Media Words, an SEO writing company. She’s also the publisher of a niche blog on this type of technical writing – Seo Writing Jobs. Ms. Black says, “With formalized SEO copywriter training, any motivated individual can start a high-earning, home-based career doing this type of web writing. Yuwanda has also authored over 50 ebooks, many of which cover some aspect of writing SEO content. They can be found on major outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in addition to her own website(s).

Utilizing The Power of Global Marketing

Global marketing is nothing but marketing done on national and international level and which involves understanding the similarities, dissimilarities and taking advantage of the opportunities to attain the goal. Concentrating on global marketing is as important as concentrating on domestic marketing if a company is aiming to increase sales.

The domestic market has become saturated in most categories of products and services, in all industrialized countries and hence, they started to deal with other countries to increase their sales. Usually in such case, goods that are too expensive for the domestic customers to buy are exported to other well-off countries.

When a company does marketing within the boundaries of a specific county, it has to compete with other domestic companies as well as international companies who are a part of the market. The marketing steps taken by the professionals are based on the taste of a specific audience. The product might not suit the taste of customers at a higher level. The other domestic companies that plan to go global hinder the growth of such companies. They become invisible at the international level as they are unable to cope with the growing competition and might not be aware of potential competitors. The product development is dependent on the need of the local residents. Such kinds of businesses are ethnocentric and are only bothered about their performance in the domestic marketplace.

Are you ready to master the single critical skill to putting words on paper or on the computer screen that can have people send you money…anytime on command?

Companies planning to go global should start with export to a foreign client first. The returns wouldn’t be satisfying in the beginning. The export department can be introduced at the headquarters that deals with all the laws. There can be a possibility of becoming secondary exporters by bringing export management company into the picture, who will deal with the language problem, time difference, paperwork and customers. If managing the exports without any help, the export department can be started at an office located abroad. This office works in collaboration with the regional headquarters. But the respective offshore offices take the marketing decisions, as they will have best knowledge about the particular market they are operating in.

Multinational marketing involves marketing in many countries. The marketing is based on the requirements of different countries and the returns are rewarding. Each region should be studied individually based on development, production and marketing. Such kinds of markets are known as region centric. Global marketing involves the whole globe. The entire world is summarized as a single market and the products that are released in the market should fit the needs of any regional marketplace. Marketers all over the world make the marketing decisions. Such a kind of market is known as geocentric.

Automotive industry is one such market that saw a global boost in sales during the last fifty years. Earlier only the local companies like Ford and General Motors used to produce cars in America, but today other international competitors like Toyota and Honda are operating in the same market and have out done the local companies. Another key factor to the global marketing is the Internet, which introduced e-commerce. Businesses went going online and global. This encouraged the sales of the company and the figures are only increasing because of ever increasing Internet users. The geographical location of customers is no longer a hindrance. Global marketing management and business-to-business e-commerce is growing rapidly.

Are you ready to master the single critical skill to putting words on paper or on the computer screen that can have people send you money…anytime on command?

Product, price, placement and promotion are the elements of global marketing. The product created should be such that it can sell anywhere using the same method. It should consider the primary elements of all the markets. However, the language in which the product is named can be changed, where as the content can remain the same. The price is never constant. It should be decided after reviewing the market and the currency of the country. The variables which affect prices are location where the product is being produced, cost of ingredients, transportation charges, labor charges, etc.

Placement is how the product is distributed and how it reaches the targeted market. Like in third world countries, there is a lack of superstores, so they can be placed or sold at ordinary shops. After the product is developed and distributed, it should be promoted precisely known as advertising, promotion is one of the major steps of marketing and consumes major part of the budget. If it is possible to send out the same message worldwide in a relevant and cost-effective way, it sure must be put into practice but the challenge is really big.

Beware Of Marketing Money Pits

Is your business bombarded by sales and other marketing professionals telling you that the products or services they are offering are in the best interest of effective and cost reducing methods to market your organization? Finding your way through the maze of offers, opportunities and avoiding potential money pits highlights the importance for all businesses regardless of size to have a strategic marketing plan that is implemented and followed.

It is a tough market place for any small business and information is the key to making wise marketing decisions and for the survival of any business or organization. The relevance of a strategic marketing plan can not be under stated. It is unfortunate but all to common that people under the disguise of professionals in marketing and sales will boast their products and services as the most effective and cost reducing methods to market your business. Additionally, by writing articles or giving lectures for example, they attempt to give their claims a form of legitimacy. Beware of people making extraordinary claims, a true professional wants to sell you their product or service but also retains the integrity to learn your business and knows when the product or service is not a good fit. The benefit for this type of sales or marketing professional is your loyalty and trust in future business transactions.

A strategic marketing plan helps a business to avoid potential money pits that waste valuable marketing dollars in expenditures that may appear to cost less but have minimal or no measurable results. Simply because something may cost less and other businesses are participating does not make it a solid marketing decision for your organization and certainly does not guarantee successful results. Regardless of the ticket price if it does not produce measurable results and drive business to your establishment it is a money pit.

There are many good examples on the internet of people under the disguise of professionals boasting their products or services as sound marketing advice. One of these claims is that a business could inexpensively build brand recognition through the purchase of low cost promotional items with the organizations name or logo embossed on them; items such as pens, tablets, calendars, magnets, and much more. The problem is that this technique offers minimal to no measurable success in brand building, but more importantly does nothing to draw new customers into the business.

In terms of simple math, if an advertising business were to spend the same money that would be spent on embossed promotional items in traditional media channels such as print, radio, or television for example with an expected 2% rate of return and a minimal exposure of 12,000 individuals gives the advertising business the opportunity for 240 customers for that expenditure. If only 30% of the 2% actually make a purchase that provides the business with 72 new transactions. A business can multiply its average transaction price by 72 to see the real potential income from this one marketing expenditure. Another benefit is brand awareness that would be gained through the advertisement and the opportunity to build customers for life. Furthermore, to entice repeat business and brand loyalty the organization can offer its customers coupons. This method promotes customer appreciation and can be a low cost marketing method.

Moreover, with any marketing expenditure a business should always perform a cost benefit analysis in correlation with its strategic marketing plan. Simply, if it does not offer measurable results, drive new business, and build brand awareness it is a money pit.

Article Source: http://www.content4reprint.com

About the Author
Jayden Briggs writes about Houston Collection Agencies, Indianapolis Collection Agencies and other collections topics.

What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Sales

Marketing and sales are one of the most important components of a business’s survival in the market. While both are dependent on each other many people confuse marketing with sales and vice-versa which is a big mistake. Marketing involves designing a product according to the needs of the market and customers, promoting the product through advertising etc. and setting up a competitive price for the product. Marketing is a platform which drives sales. While on the other hand the sales process is what you do to successfully sell a product and fetch a contract. Sales and marketing together is a part of selling and one cannot do without the other. They can also be called activities. The success of a business is critical to the success of these two important activities.
The Internet Marketing Newbie Guide

Marketing is the backbone of a company’s future and launching pad for the sales. While the marketing process encompasses the design of the product, advertising etc. the sales process is the execution of all the efforts which involves direct interaction with client either by in-person meeting or cold calls or by networking. But there is always an ongoing rivalry between the two, one claiming dominance over other. The marketing people say they have an upper hand because they think it is they who designs the products, lays down the strategy and also develops tools essential for sales. They say sales are the outcome of marketing and thus should follow its directions. The sales people might not agree to this view and may be completely opposite in their opinion. They think that it is the sales people who actually sells a product and bring money to the business.

But many experts believe that marketing should play a pivotal role among the two. A successful marketing campaign makes sales easy and makes people believe that it is actually the sales people who are the dominant leaders. The most important role of marketing department is to create opportunities for the sales department. Marketing drives sales and sales drives companies’ success. Marketing is like a life support for sales, one who is constantly backing up the sales department and enabling them to successfully deliver the end product. There shouldn’t be a race to gain supremacy over another department but a race to win the market and customers working together.
The Internet Marketing Newbie Guide

Many businesses combine sales and marketing together but in reality they have different targets. While the sales department is interested in fulfilling the requirements of what the customer asked for, the marketing department is actually busy studying what the market demands. The goal of the marketing department is to foresee how the market will shape up in future. They should envision their product catering to the needs of the market for next few years and be ready to make design changes in their product accordingly.
The Internet Marketing Newbie Guide

It is very important that a company integrates their sales and marketing department in a well fashioned manner. It is the correct integration of these two important entities that fuels the growth of a company. The sale people should not be merely treated as the cash collectors. Each department has its own role and should go hand in hand in selling the product of the company and should be the foremost important criteria.

Making The Payment Process Easy

With every client that you take on, you will want to create an agreement that clearly explains your obligations as well as any monetary obligations associated with the deal. Some clients may pay you upfront, which is always best, and at the very least you should require a deposit of the overall service cost.

Most businesses however, will expect to be able to pay you after you’re finished with the work. In fact, many businesses are used to paying on a Net-30 basis, which means they receive an invoice for most of the goods and services they buy which they can pay up to 30 days later.
Turn Your Website[s] Into A Sales Machines Now!

This is tough when you’re a small business. Waiting 30 days to be paid can put you into serious financial trouble when you’re just starting out especially when you have to pay the freelancers that you have hired to complete the work.

To avoid this, you may want to offer a hefty discount for clients who pay in advance.

Remember when I said you should charge double the lowest price you’re really willing to accept? This is important, because when you’re negotiating with a client who is hesitant to pay in advance, you can use that leeway to offer a big discount if payment is made upfront. Again always highlight the savings and benefits to your client every step of the way.

Offer a 10%, 25%, even 50% discount if your client will pay in advance.

If you are new service provider, you might find it difficult to convince businesses to pay the entire bill without seeing results, however as you build your client portfolio, you will be in the position to require a larger upfront deposit or the entire amount.

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You could accept 50% upfront payment, which would be your lowest possible price, and if you were never paid the balance it wouldn’t matter so much. Ultimately you would at least be paid your minimum amount that would cover your freelance costs and your time. While you should always leave room for negotiation, with your price structure, you never want to walk away feeling as if you under-cut yourself.

Notes: If you can, hire a lawyer who can create a basic agreement for you that you can re-purpose and use with each client.

With a contract that identifies the responsibilities or obligations of both parties, you will be in the position to seek compensation in the event that your client fails to complete payment.

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