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The FASTEST Way to Build a Facebook Page

02/01/2016 in Network Marketing | Comments (0)

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I’m sure you know how ESSENTIAL Facebook is these days.

Like Page Builder is a software application that allows anyone to create an effective Facebook like page in seconds.

Go click the image below and check out the video that shows you how easy it is to build a Facebook page IN A Matter Of SECONDS.

Ebook Marketing: How to Bundle Ebooks to Sell More

01/29/2016 in Marketing | Comments (0)

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If you’re a self-publisher, you’ve probably tried a number of ebook marketing tips and tricks to increase your online sales. One that is often overlooked from the limited research I’ve done online is bundling. It’s not surprising. I’ve been writing and selling ebooks online since 2004. I was probably five or six years into my self-publishing career before I started bundling my ebooks.

I’ve written and self-published over 50 titles, and it wasn’t until I’d produced around a dozen or more that I started to use bundling as an ebook marketing strategy. FYI, this is one advantage of writing and publishing a lot of titles – you significantly increase the number of options in your ebook marketing arsenal.
What Is Ebook Bundling?

In case you don’t know, bundling is when you offer a number of titles for sale for “one low price,” eg, buy two and get the third one for free. Or, “get all five ebooks on SEO content writing for one low price.”

Bundling titles has been an extremely effective ebook marketing tactic for me. Following are three tips for successfully bundling your ebooks – and selling more of them.
3 Tips on How to Sell More Ebooks Online by Bundling

I. Bundle Like Subject Matter: The vast majority of my ebooks can be broken down into four categories; ie, ebooks on: freelance writing; self-publishing; SEO writing and affiliate/internet/small business marketing.

I’ve written half a dozen or so titles on SEO (search engine optimization) writing. They cover everything from how to write SEO content, to SEO writing samples, to frequently asked questions prospective clients ask SEO writers.

I bundled all of these into an “SEO content writing package;” again, for one low price.

II. Bundle Complementary Titles: This is a little different from bundling “like” ebooks. For example, I have two SEO writing bundled packages. The first one (mentioned above) deals with starting/growing this type of freelance business.

The second one includes an ebook on how to become an SEO writer and how to make money managing social media accounts for clients. These two titles complement each other. How?

It’s simple; many clients who outsource their SEO content writing needs also want/need outsource their social media marketing. And, who better to do this than the professional who wrote it, ie, the SEO writer?

See what I mean?

III. Choose a Lead Title: Your lead title is usually one that is a pretty good seller. While others in the same niche may sell well, they just won’t sell as much as your lead title. And this will usually be pretty obvious.

Your lead title will prompt potential buyers to purchase a bundle – because it’s the ebook they usually wan the most – and if they can get ancillary titles at a discount, they will in a lot of cases. For this reason, be sure to choose your lead title wisely. Again, this will usually be dictated by your sales numbers.

Ebook Marketing Tip: If you have an ebook that’s a “hot seller,” write other ebooks that complement this one so you can bundle them.
Conclusion: Bundling Ebooks to Sell More Online

In my opinion, bundling several ebooks together and offering them for “one low price” works so well for a time-honored reason — consumers like a bargain. And, if you use the “infomercial approach” (ie, pile on more until the buyer feels silly for NOT purchasing), then you can dramatically increase your chances of selling more ebooks online.

As always, I hope this self-publishing insight helps you sell more ebooks.

About the Author: Yuwanda has written and self-published over 50 ebooks. If you found the info here insightful, get more in the complete self-publishing package — which will help you not only write an ebook in a few days, but learn how to market it and start getting sales within a week – really! Also, feel free to contact her with your ebook writing and self-publishing questions.

Learn more about Yuwanda via her Google+ Profile.

5 Smart Solutions For Women Entrepreneurs on The Go

01/27/2016 in Business | Comments (0)

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This week I’m writing to you from my childhood home in Charleston, West Virginia where I’m caring for my aging parents who are health challenged at the moment. Today, I’m going to share my best tips for running a business when traveling. With all the new gadgets and apps available to entrepreneurs today, business on the go is a snap.

Maximize with Mobile Devices – The beauty of technology today is mobile devices are small, weigh very little and make business on the go accessible. There is a range in pricing but with cloud based software like Google Drive and Dropbox (no cost to less than $9 per month) you don’t need the storage capacity which historically made laptops and desktops more expensive. I currently use a desktop in my office and an iPad for travel. I gave up the laptop a few years ago as I wanted to relieve my shoulders and back of any extra weight during travel. I use a Sena external keyboard that’s compatible with my iPad, however there are a wide range of choices which make typing documents (like this article) easy and fast.

Activate your Apps – I’m continually surprised on a daily basis by the variety of no-cost to low-cost apps you can access for your business. There seems to be an app for just about every need we have – from meditation to productivity, there’s an app for you. I use the Cozi app to keep our busy family organized when I’m traveling. Everyone in the family can access the app to check-in and see what’s happening each day. You can color code each family member to make it easy for them to identify their schedule for sports and after school activities.

Outsource to Office Supply Stores – Whether it’s Staples, Office Max or your local small office supply store, let them handle your printing needs when you’re traveling. I emailed a document to the local Staples here this morning and it was ready in minutes and cost pennies.

Hooking up – I find the placement of electric outlets in hotel rooms interesting. They never seem to be quite where you need them for easy access and to make your work time more productive. That’s why I carry my own extension cord with multiple electrical outlets attached. I can set up my mobile office in the room where I’m most comfortable and have access to all my devices at my fingertips.

Charge it – I carry two chargers when traveling (one for my iPad and one for my iPhone) to ensure that both devices have a full charge at all times.

Get smart and take advantage of all the no-cost to low-cost mobile tools to help your business stay the course and create momentum no matter where your travels take you this holiday season.

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

Joy Chudacoff, ICF, PCC, is the founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions®, a Professional Certified Coach to 1000’s of women, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur. She publishes a weekly buzz generating ezine, Reflections On Life and Business for Women Entrepreneurs. If you’re ready take your life and your business to the next level, get your FREE Tips, FREE Report and FREE MP3 now at Profits With Passion.

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