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How to make money with your blog

01/18/2016 in blogging,making money online | Comments (0)

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If you’re a coach, teacher, trainer, speaker, author or any kind of expert who wants to make money selling your knowledge, you need this:

Download The Blog Profits Blueprint

This is the 2016 Blog Profits Blueprint, an 88-page free report in text and audio from Yaro Starak.

Yaro has been blogging for over ten years and made over a million dollars selling his own digital teaching products from his blog,

He wrote the Blueprint to teach other experts how to package up their knowledge and sell it as digital products using just a blog + email list.

If you want to break free from getting paid by the hour, per contract, or you’re tired of working with clients and want to create products that sell even when you’re not working, you need this blueprint.

It’s 100% free and will guide you through the four steps of setting up a blog and email list designed to sell your products, including:

How To Refine Your Topic To Make Sure You Are Going Where The Money Is
What Type Of Content You Need To Create To Attract The People Who Will Eagerly Buy Every Product You Offer
How To Create “Traffic Assets” So You Only Need To Set Them Up Once And The Traffic Keeps Coming
How To Quickly Turn Your Knowledge Into An Information Product That Sells On Autopilot

Download The Blog Profits Blueprint

Click this link then enter your email on the page you land on to request access to download the Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0.

You will also receive a series of free training videos from Yaro, to show you exactly how blogs make money.

Don’t skip this. This is one of the most valuable free reports I have ever read.

To your success,


P.S. Make sure you download the free Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0 report today.

It’s important you have read the blueprint at least once (it will take 30mins) because it’s the foundation for the rest of your training this week.

Go here:

Download The Blog Profits Blueprint

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5 Obstacles Keeping You From Earning a Living from Writing

01/15/2016 in making money online,writing | Comments (0)

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If you want to write for a living, here is something you should check out right now. Just drop everything and the time to do this for yourself.

It’s a video from Alice Seba & Ron Douglas called, “5 Obstacles Stopping Your from Writing for a Living” and I know you’ll love the insight they provide.

They dig deep into the mindset of the writer and uncover those 5 obstacles they face trying to earn a full time income from their talents. They not only identify those issues, but provide you with practical strategies for getting past those obstacles, so you can start carving out your dream writing career.

If you think you don’t have enough time to be a full-time writer or find other things keeping you from your goal, go watch it now.

Oh and bring a pen and paper to take some notes on how apply this practical advice to your own life.

Go watch the video below

The Easy Money Earner Using eBay

12/31/2015 in making money online | Comments (0)

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By: Ian Stables

A brilliant idea I ran across the other day meant I could get a large cash sum in about 3 days.

All it meant is that I bought an item on eBay which had resale rights and struck up an agreement with a power seller.

Before I explain it I want you to imagine this…

A desirable item that’s for sale at £10 is suddenly offered to you for £5. The person offering it to you is someone you’ve bought similar items from before, so you trust them.

But the half price offer is only going to be available for 48 hours. The person offering you this item has struck an agreement with the seller. They’ve agreed to offer their item half price but just for 2 days.

If it’s something you really desired do you think you’d miss out and pay the full price later on. No, of course not. 3 out of 10 people who are made this offer go ahead and buy. Every time!

Now imagine if 100 people are offered this or 200 or maybe even 500. Multiply a third by £5 halve it and get this in your bank account in 3 days.

What if the product was normally £20 and offered for £10?

How it works is simple. You could either write your own ebook that is desirable or buy an ebook with resale rights that’s already a best seller. Don’t waste your time with 99p items you want something at least £10. Check someone else is not offering it on eBay for less.

You then send an email message to a power seller on eBay or someone who’s an eBay shop owner. You say that if they will offer your item to their past buyers at half price that you’ll go fifty fifty with the profits. Make sure they’re selling similar ebooks to their customers. That way they are already interested in what you have to offer. code_canyon_250x250

You simply set up a free web site on something like Just follow their instructions. You can put a Paypal link on as well quite easily.

If someone agrees to offer your item to their list you simply send them a link to your temporary website. They then send an email with the temporary half-price offer and website link to all their past customers. The email tells them when the offer expires to create some urgency to buy.

At the end of the 48 hour offer period you simply close down the temporary web site. Check how much money has been taken into your Paypal account. You’ll be amazed. Copy the screen into an email and send it to the power seller as proof of earnings. Pay 50% of the earners into his Paypal account. You keep the other half yourself.

Power sellers or eBay shop owners who sell ebooks have a vast number of past buyers. Imagine they offered your item normally sold for £10 at £5 to a list of 500 people. Results have shown that about a third of people offered the item actually buy. A third of 500 is approx. 166. Multiply 166 by £5 = £830. Divide by 2 which is yours and the power sellers share and you get £415. Not bad for 3 days work eh?

3 days is required because the first day is what you’ll need to allow you to build the temp web site and your power seller partner to email all his list.

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