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8 Ways to Earn Money with Digital Photography

April 7, 2014 in making money online,Money | Comments (0)

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Are you a shutterbug? If you like to snap pictures at family events or just out in the neighborhood, put that camera to good use in ways that will earn you money for your efforts. This article mentions eight ways that you can make money with digital photography.

The world of photography has changed since the instant camera was developed. With a digital camera, you can take a not so good shot and make it perfect using a variety of software options. Best of all, pictures can be printed on quality paper on your printer or at a store kiosk for just a few cents per picture.

Technology has created memory cards much like the flash drive storage medium to file and save pictures for sharing on the Internet. You can easily upload pictures from the memory card to your friends, family and a blog or website if you have one.

1. Stock photography. This business is growing. For website newsletters, magazines and articles, publishers look for photos that capture the essence of their articles. It is not terribly convenient to go out and snap some pictures every time you need one. Selling stock photographs to businesses and individuals is convenient for them and lucrative for you.

2. Wedding photographer. Okay so if you aren’t a professional you won’t be the main photographer at first but you can be hired to take candid shots at the reception or wedding photos after the ceremony. The happy couple can order as many pictures as they want and you can create wedding CDs of the pictures you took.

3. Newspaper pics. If you are in the right place at the right time, you might capture photos that are worthy of the newspaper. When news happens, a newspaper photographer might not be on the scene. You can capture the moments and sell them to newspapers. Snapping shots at community events may also earn you some money from local newspapers.

4. Magazine photographer. Create a portfolio of photos that you’ve taken and submit them to magazines. Looking at your work, they may hire you for assignments. Magazines are a tough market to break into so cut your teeth on other smaller assignments for local newspapers.

5. Local photography business. Ever gotten a mailing that shows cars for sale or houses for sale? Someone had to take those photographs. It could be you. Hire yourself out to area businesses to do the photographs for them.


6. Event photographer. Some families like to document their events like family reunions, christenings, bar mitzvahs and birthday parties. You can be the eyes in the room catching candid shots of everyone.

7. Photography website. If you know a lot about digital cameras and photography, create a website to sell photography products. Keep visitors and customers coming back with engaging content on various aspects of photography.

8. Teach a photography class. Those cameras look easy to use but some of those symbols can mix people up. Teach others to use their digital camera and create great pictures that they, too, can market as a business.

Do you like photography? What started off as a hobby can become a new business venture.

How An Average Guy Can Make Six-Figures Per Year Online

March 24, 2014 in Business,making money online | Comments (0)

By Jimmy D. Brown of iBusiness Owner

Yes – making over $100,000 per year IS something you can accomplish with the right business strategy.

Today we’re going to explore a simple gameplan that you can print and begin using to reach your own financial goals during the next 12 months.

Here’s What It Takes To Bring In $100K Per Year…

To get a proper understanding of HOW to get there, we first need to learn WHAT is necessary in order to get there.

It’s a numbers game.

If you want to earn $100,000+ a year with information products, then you must sell enough products in order to reach that volume.

Most people set themselves up to fail from the very beginning.

Consider this:

If you sell an eBook that you earn $20 per sale on, you’d need to sell 5,000 copies in order to reach your goal.

That means you’d need to find 14 DIFFERENT customers EVERY SINGLE DAY for the entire 365 days in order to sell the required number of copies.

That is simply UNREALISTIC.

By selling only lower priced products, you set yourself up to fail before you even begin.

So, let’s compare the options at various price points to see where the most realistic opportunity awaits for you to reach $100,00 a year in sales…

Price X Units Needed

$20.00 X 5,000
$40.00 X 2,500
$97.00 X 1,031
$497.00 X 201
$1997.00 X 50

Learn this:

It’s easier to find LESS customers to buy HIGHER priced products than it is to find MORE customers to buy LOWER priced products.

Now, does that mean you should only sell higher priced products? Of course not. It does mean that you should OFFER higher priced products…

How You Realistically Can Do It

The ultimate business – and the easiest way to reach the six-figure level – is to create a mix of products priced at varying levels.

You need a blend of…

* Low-priced entry level products!
* Medium-priced intermediate level products!
* High-priced premium level products!

Look at the advantage:

If you sold just ONE $1,997 product per month, you’d have almost 1/4 of your profit reached in just those 12 sales.

(12 sales X $1,9997 each = $23,964)

Now, instead of needing to find 5,000 customers for your $20 profit ebook, you’d only need to find 3,800. Still a significant number, but it’s down a staggering 1,200 from your original numbers.

Work in a blend of $40, $97, and $497 products and you could easily reach the $100,000 range with substantially fewer customers needed.

4 Ways To Reach The $100,000 Mark

Having looked at the numbers, let’s identify your gameplan. Here are four things you need in order to generate a six-figure income with your information business:

1. Multiple purchases per customer.

An age-old marketing law is this: “it’s much easier to sell MORE to existing customers than it is to find new customers to sell to”. Your information business stands to gain serious momentum when you offer multiple, related offers to your customer base.

Instead of selling a customer a $20 ebook and then looking for the next customer, you’ll want to setup a system to offer her a $20 ebook, then a $40 product, then a $497 product and finally a $1997 offer. (These are just “generalities”, of course)

The important thing is to get your existing customers to spend MORE money with you. Learn this: the more money each customer spends with you, the less customers you’ll need to reach your $100K goal.

2. Higher profit per purchase.

We’ve already talked about this in looking at the numbers for your business, but it’s certainly something we need to spend more time on.

You want a mix of products that generate a larger amount of profit per purchase. The key is to create information products in “alternate” formats. No one in their right mind will pay you $1,997 for an ebook, but they will spend that much on a seminar or coaching or reprint rights.

The important thing is to get your existing customers to spend MORE money with you in larger and larger chunks per sale. Learn this: the more money each customer spend with you per transaction, the less transactions you’ll need to reach your $100K goal.

3. Built-In profit streams.

The third thing you need to do in order to give yourself a genuine opportunity to reach and soar beyond the $100,000 plateu is to setup a “backend” strategy to bring in profit from multiple sources.

One of the big “missing ingredients” in what most people teach you about setting up an information business is the “backend”. It’s not uncommon to increase your profit by 300-400% (or even more) by automatically following-up with your customers AFTER THE SALE.

Whether it’s your own products, affiliate programs you promote, products you’ve purchased reprint rights to sell, related services, residual programs or other revenue-generating offers, you gotta learn to cross promote through your autoresponder.

The important thing is to get your existing customers to get into the habit of buying from you well after their first purchase from you. Learn this: if you setup things correctly, you’ll make more money off the “backend” than you ever will in selling your initial product to your customers.

4. Increased market coverage.

And the final thing you want to accomplish is “increased market reach”. In other words, you want SATURATION. You want as many potential customers available in your target audience to remove the “potential” and just become customers!

The formula for market converage on the Internet looks like this:

Site Traffic + List Size = Market Coverage

Just on sheer numbers alone, growing your business is based on how many visitors arrive at your website and how many subscribers you have on your list.

For example: All things equal, 10,000 website visitors will generate more profits for you than 1,000 visitors. All things equal, 25,000 opt-in subscribers will generate more profits for you than 5,000 opt-in subscribers.

The important thing is to get more traffic to your site and more subscribers on your list in order to convert them into paying customers for your related offers. Learn this: The more “market coverage” you have, the more sales you’ll bring in just on sheer numbers alone.

So, that’s the basic game plan for reaching the six-figure mark (and beyond!) with your information business. If you would like help putting everything together into a workable plan, I can do it!

If You Are Just Starting Out Or Currently Making Less Than $1,000 Per Month…

I can personally (one-on-one) answer your questions, help you create a daily schedule and give you some specific action steps to take each week to build a successful Internet business.

Together we will choose a thriving market of customers with a strong buying history, select a method for generating cash that is custom-fit for you, locate an offer to sell to customers that has proven to get orders, eliminate the clutter to identify the fewest and best action steps, and develop a daily schedule to use immediately to stay on track.

You will receive a step-by-step curriculum, daily assignment to complete for me to “grade”, and a personal Q&A session with me!

Due to the personal interaction with me, there are only 50 spots available. Once they are sold out, they are gone. I can only take 50 students since I’ll be personally interacting with you EVERY DAY for this coaching class.

Get all the details at Foundations 5-Day Coaching Program

Leading methods to earn money online

March 13, 2014 in Affiliate Marketing,blogging,Business,Email,free advertising,Listbuilding,making money online,Marketing,Online Business,Pay per click Advertising,Search Engine Optimization,web traffic | Comments (0)

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There are various strategies to produce earnings on the web as of late, and many people are earning a substantial earnings from the comfort of their own homes. How are they making money? With a profitable On-line organization, naturally.


Probably you desire to produce a part-time earnings from residence or start a full-time Online organization. Perhaps you happen to be a mom who wants to function while earning cash. Or, possibly you happen to be sick and tired of the “rat race” and desire to settle down along with your own function from residence organization. What ever the case, you are able to select certainly one of the sure-fire techniques of generating earnings online beneath to acquire began. For starters have a appear at profit in 60 seconds.


1. Offer Options That Other Net Business Entrepreneurs Will Need


A lot of folks create earnings on the internet while supplying solutions that other Net organization owners require on a continual basis. These facilities include Net hosting, domain name registration, internet style, and content. Every single new internet page should possess a Internet variety, domain name, internet designer and material. Getting offered everywhere on the web, but thankfully, there is often space to get a few more! On-line surfers are starting new On the internet marketers each day. So, the prospective for producing earnings on-line with these solutions is tremendous.


You’ll be able to begin from scratch with these businesses or employ a organization that lets you resell its products and solutions. As an illustration, as an alternative to establishing your own servers to grow to be a Internet assortment, you’ll be able to turn out to be a reseller of hosts and share a element of the profits. With this setup, your primary job is always to advertise the service. The parent Web assortment organization does the rest. For extra commissions check out simple binary cash


2. Expand Your Present Company


If you already personal a organization, you can expand it by using a internet web page. In case your organization has its personal net web page, your consumers can go on-line to understand far more about you, purchase your products or ask questions. It really is a terrific approach to advertise and build client trust. Also, it is possible to mention your web web page address in all of your print, tv and radio advertising to maximize final results.


3. Commence a “Niche” Online Enterprise


Numerous men and women start tiny On the internet marketers that reflect who they may be or what they take pleasure in. The word “niche” took on a complete new meaning when the On-line came into existence. A market organization can be anything you want it to become – a web based flower shop, on-line classic vehicle club, on-line magazine, on the web clothes shop, on-line purchasing mall, online photo stock agency, on the internet old style candy shop, online quilt outlet, or a web based shoe shop. Pick something you appreciate carrying out and locate a method to create just a little Online organization around that theme. And, don’t let the word “small” fool you. Owning your small business is a great strategy to generate money online. To start owning a organization proceed to the commodity robot.


four. Earn Funds On the web Through Auctions


Never have time to handle a internet site? Try sales. It is possible to sell just about something at eBay and other On the web auction internet sites, but make sure you pick a market which has a strong demand. Some things sell well via on the internet auctions, some don’t. Also, make sure to choose a product using a high profit margin so you don’t drop money everytime you list your items.


five. Supply Online Promotion Solutions


On-line organization owners are usually seeking great strategies to promote their web sites. If you are a savvy On the web marketer, this organization gives a tremendous cash chance for you personally. It is possible to generate earnings online whilst assisting other folks improve their income. On-line marketing and advertising today requires search engine promotion and Search engine optimization, Net material and optimization for post pages, pay-per-click campaigns, keyword research, press releases, banner and pop-up advertising, e-zine and mailing lists, and link exchanges. It is possible to specialize in one of these locations or supply marketing models for all categories.


These are 5 confirmed techniques to produce earnings on-line. Each of those opportunities can provide a steady stream of earnings should you operate diligently to promote your internet organization and services and always supply issues to appear for. Use these ideas to get began generating cash nowadays.

How To Get Automatic Income Every Month

March 8, 2014 in making money online,plugins | Comments (0)

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If you’re in a hurry, go here for the FREE membership plugin:

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How would it feel if you had a consistent, reliable source of recurring income every single month?

Now you can…

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Here’s how to quickly and easily set up your own membership site.

Members pay you every month for access to content you create…or you hire out to others.

Sounds great!

But how do you set this up, technology-wise?

Use this FREE membership plugin to EASILY and QUICKLY set up your fully functional and profitable membership site, in MINUTES:

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No more frustrations. No more hassles.

You can start taking recurring payments as soon as TODAY:

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Roy Bartell

Devin Zander Video Vantage Review

March 5, 2014 in making money online,Marketing,Online Business,videos | Comments (0)

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Click here for Official Website

Thanks to this latest software application, you could place your YouTube videos on the page 1 for extremely substantial keywords. Well, you do not have to scrap with a great deal of various other companies for long-tail traffic. You could start targeting numerous traffic-rich keywords and generate bunches of cash.

Extremely, you will certainly have an army of targeted and free traffic at your very own command. In addition, you have a chance to make use of a quite outstanding Search Engine Optimization firepower without transforming your very own COMPUTER. Yes, this highly effective software is built in Adobe Air and it indicates that it can function on both Windows and Mac. Video Vantage is likewise ensured to work with your very own machine.

Actually, with this program, you will not have to fret about having a lot of back links and you could rate as several video clips as you select. You will stop squandering money or unstable outsources. You will certainly be sent any kind of new variation of this software without any sort of extra expense. That is why I strongly recommend this effective software application to every one of you. Let’s get it today!


Regarding The Author
Also there are many successfully online marketers around, yet we frequently read about Devin Zander who is known as professional in SEO. Devin has a bunch of encounter in online marketing and I believe that his item will assist you rate your video YouTube on the page 1 effortlessly and promptly.

Video Vantage Review – How Does It Work?
Even there is little details about this newest software application, but I have contacted with the author, Devin then he discussed with me a great deal of useful points about his brand-new program. You understand this most recent software program is thinks about as an unique one that will certainly upload your customers and also videos and afterwards place them on the web page 1 with a few of clicks.

This software application is actually expected by thousands Internet online marketers like you and me.The newest software application will certainly not only assist you to publish videos to YouTube, however it will get hold of all video details and afterwards create countless social bookmarks by using all info as well.It will look out relevant high Public Relations web page and posts back links on them, making use of the anchor content.It will use the same precise and effective strategy that the developer has actually made use of to rate for many thousands keywords like his video on web page One for” ways to burn fat”.

Many thanks to this software, you can explore the quickest and easiest type of SEO and stop costly outsourcing prices.You will figure out Atlas that is a secret formula the creator created to make certain gigantic feedbacks for your very own consumers.

There is a great deal of important details concerning this exceptional program, yet I assume that it benefits you to discover it by on your own. The major reason I recommend you obtain Video Vantage is possibly the Off-page Optimization component. Well, this software has been made to automatic the entire hyperlink building process that indicates that you could build many thousand of back links to your uploaded videos conveniently and rapidly.

Inbox Blueprint Review – How To Build Email List

February 21, 2014 in Email,making money online,Marketing,web traffic | Comments (0)

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Exactly what is Inbox Blueprint?


Click for Official Review right here

Inbox Blueprint is Anik Singal’s new detailed training program showing you ways to build a very profitable e-mail listing. Once you have your very own email listing you can literally earn money by sending e-mails.

Checklist structure is astonishingly crucial and for me in 2013 it was the difference between having an incredibly successful year (as I did) and failing miserably. At the beginning of 2013 I was truly having a hard time to make ends meet, but I focused on constructing my e-mail checklist and wound up having the most effective year (financially) of my internet marketing career!
(By the means … if you wish to see my Inbox Blueprint perk just scroll down this web page, it’s near all-time low:)).

So how does Inbox Blueprint work?

Anik Singal teaches you just how he develops big email checklists and makes money sending emails in 9 actions! You will certainly find out how you can produce straightforward 1-page sites that you could promote to develop your listing.

Anik instructs you precisely how you can create these easy 1-page web sites and also precisely just what you need to obtain traffic and really get people signed up for your email list.

It’s in fact truly basic … instead of making difficult looking websites you simply create basic 1-page sites, and Anik also shows you detailed ways to do this, it’s extremely easy.

You after that advertise that 1-page website on the web and create your checklist since the core purpose of the web site is to obtain people to enter their e-mail address in exchange for something (typically a free of charge present such as an e-book). Once folks are on your listing that suggests you can send them email promotions.

Permit’s imagine you had a 10,000 individual list of individuals that liked shedding weight. You could then email them an advertising for a weight reduction product, and when a sale happened you would certainly get paid, straightforward right? It sure is:).

Inbox Blueprint– The Training
Permit me specific precisely what Anik Singal educates you in his Inbox Blueprint course:

Step 1 — Picking A Niche
This is the first step to beginning your online company. Anik shows you which niches are the most effective ones to enter. When you create a checklist you don’t wish a list of individuals that like all sort of various things. You desire your list to be targetted to one particular niche since after that your results will certainly be a lot better when you send e-mails.

Step 2  – Opt In Pages (1 page web sites)
In this step Anik instructs you exactly how to set up simple 1-page internet sites that enable you to create your e-mail checklist. Anik additionally consists of some templates for you that will make it super very easy.
Don’t stress about any type of technical cases here, Anik actually covers everything so also if you are a newbie to this, you’ll be great following this training.

Step  3 — Thank You Pages
After people choose in to your email list through your 1-page web site it’s guideline for a “thanks” page to turn up. This page merely many thanks the person for becoming a subscriber. Anik being just one of the best e-mail marketing experts on the earth shows you how you can take advantage of these thanks pages to actually generate cash.
This means that you could be earning money from your customers quickly when they join your list. Anik reveals you just what to do, and what type of supplies function most effectively to market on thanks pages.

Step 4  – Autoresponder & Analytics
There is 1 incredibly essential item you should construct an e-mail listing which is an autoresponder! Anik shows you precisely the best ways to acquire this established up and some truly amazing methods to acquire the maximum open & click fees on your emails. He additionally reveals you some wonderful analytics companies since you require to make certain you are tracking the items you market to ensure that you know which supplies work most effectively. This probably sounds difficult but believe me it’s actually not.
Anik shows you in very easy to comply with training precisely what you have to do.

Step 5 — Email Marketing– The Strategy
When you start emailing your list you need a method. You cannot merely send out e-mails willy nilly and expect to generate cash. In this component of the training Anik reveals you his technique, one that has actually generated literally millions of bucks in commissions. He also uncovers a secret to making your e-mail advertising as rewarding as possible! This was a genuine eye opener to me, and something I am making use of in my business today.

Step 6 — Increasing Your Earnings
This is everything about increasing your revenues and maximizing the amount of money you make from sending e-mails. Anik provides you 3 important concerns you should ask on your own prior to you choose marketing an item.

Step 7 — Traffic.
Without traffic your business will certainly fail, actually you will not even have a business. Traffic indicates site visitors … it’s the lifeblood of any sort of business. The good news is Anik is a professional when it comes to traffic generation and he has assembled an extremely thorough training section on traffic. Anik shares all his ideal techniques for getting traffic, all these other than 1 are cost-free methods, so you do not have to stress over spending money on traffic, yet if you want to invest you can do, as he reveals you 1 of his ideal paid traffic sources.

Step 8 — Increasing Results.
Enhancing is really the trick to boosting earnings when you start to make cash. Anik reveals you specifically how you can enhance the quantity of money you make by optimizing elements of your business. This things of the training will certainly enable you to buy even more individuals opening up and selecting your emails and permit you to make additional money.

Conclusion for Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint Review
This is the finest product I have actually viewed in YEARS. And I indicate that seriously! I view numerous items that are absolutely nothing however buzz and lies, and Inbox Blueprint is a full breath of fresh air!

Ever Increasing Quest To Make Money Through Videos

February 4, 2014 in making money online,videos | Comments (0)

Probably the greatest techniques to generate income using your web videos is by utilizing advert revenue sharing websites. These kinds of sites enable you to put your web video on their own sites; even so, once your video builds revenue from the adverts which are positioned on the page, you’re made a great amount of cash. Although you will not really get rich by this sort of website, you’ll on the other hand make a respectable amount of income.

One of the keys to generating the most money from advert revenue websites is actually by adding all the content material as possible, and creating every single video for just a precise type of viewers. This is why you’ll have a specific target audience which will be interested in clicking on throughout the adverts at the conclusion of your videos. Some good quality advert revenue video websites are Vevo, Vimeo and Google Video.

A different way that one could generate income through web videos is as simple as going through a much more specialized method which could turn out to be fairly rewarding. These sorts of websites are locations where you could market your videos, and images like iStock Video. This amazing site enables you to market your videos; having said that, they need to be of a specified good quality. To be able to increase your sells by way of these kind of websites, ensure that you devote some time with all the videos making them as unique and impressive as you possibly can. You’ll then see some cash flow beginning to gradually flow in.

In order to have a distinctive way to generate income through web videos, then just basically set out to research sponsors. Say you undoubtedly enjoy a particular product and you wish to develop a videos relating to this product, however, prior to deciding to do that, get in touch with the corporation which makes this product. Tell them that you’d like to start a website video marketing campaign, and demonstrate to them your suggestions and ideas. You may well be amazed at how it can be very simple to getting some video sponsors, and soon after accomplishing this, you’ll be able to acquire somebody to in fact compensate you for creating a web video. This might seem complicated; but on the other hand it’s rather an easy task to begin making some income by means of web videos.

Some Significantly Rewarding Money Making Successful Clickbank Ideas

January 21, 2014 in Business,making money online | Comments (0)

Owning a website is an excellent key to increase your Clickbank entries. By including hyperlinks to Clickbank so that your readers may go there and utilize the current market to purchase your products, Clickbank can practically alternative your listing pages plus your shopping cart solution with a very much simpler functioning which is uncomplicated to maintain up to now which places your products right into a much wider affiliate market without any work on your part as well. Remember your specific niche market markets addressed through your website. You may have a multitude of products on Clickbank but not every one of them match the concept of your website. In case your site is focused on computer software, concentrate how you include inbound links and never incorporate links to items which really don’t match there. Should you have products which do not possess a home to be offered on any of your respective websites, it’s simple enough to put together a completely new one.

If you desire choosing a product as being an affiliate on Clickbank and you wish to market it, you want to find out if that item is being successful in it’s place of setting to help you to catch most of that momentum. So conduct some study within the websites that offer the products you are looking at. It’s pretty simple to perform some keyword and key phrase searches and to discover the page ranking of such web sites which will provide you with a good idea if the site owner who’s behind the product is putting any essential time and expense into web optimization on the website which might help it to produce more substantial revenue.

Never ever cease understanding how to help make your product item listings on Clickbank more productive or how to be an effective affiliate marketer. Turn it into a personal study to be able to identify items that are on the rise of becoming a growth of success. This will likely require some gut instinct as well as some observing the marketplace so that you understand exactly where various products, product groupings or different types are heading. Such as a stock exchange at any moment several products will likely be rising in sales possibilities whilst some others are declining down.

It is going to take some commitment, creativeness as well as some bravery in making daring steps to stay on top of your accounts whilst keeping them successful each and every week. However, if you handle your Clickbank supervision as part of your respected more substantial occupation of turning out to be profitable over the internet, all of these efforts are definitely going to pay off.

Understanding Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

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Major affiliate marketers understand that the simplest way to generate income online is always to promote precisely the most effective affiliate programs. Absolutely everyone who wishes to generate income must understand the techniques to marketing products effectively in an effort to increase your online commissions.

You possibly can make big money marketing products in places you don’t have a great deal of competitors. Choose a specific niche market inside a niche you could control quickly using a small advertising budget. Good examples could be time-saving resources or money-saving tips targeted at markets with cash to shell out. Marketing membership websites is a powerful way to utilize continuing commissions from per month membership charges.

Each and every purchase includes a built-in recurring commission payment supply that continuously compensate you given that your referral continues to be an affiliate. Enroll for your no cost online traffic member’s program and receive 50% repeating income on absolutely everyone you recommend. Use affiliate hyperlinks within your blog articles, content articles you publish with the choice of getting quite inventive with the way you illustrate the offer. Testimonials are very effective simply because they present genuine value to opportunity seekers in search of information regarding the product or service.

Mask your online product sales hyperlinks with basic links manager. Not to mention, utilize the Hits USA SEO strategies to really get your blog articles best search engines rank for the preferred keywords and key phrases. Affiliate marketers frequently spend too much due to very high cost Pay Per Click, but neglect less costly options for Paid advertising targeted traffic.

There are numerous various things that almost everyone should be aware of much more about in relation to any affiliate marketing program and hopefully after studying through many of the content articles which are discussed this topic, you will move on feeling a lot more knowledgeable than you actually have been prior to. Affiliate marketing programs or an affiliate network may potentially make it easy for you to definitely generate the level of income which you realized you normally could make at some stage in your lifetime, only it is now far sooner instead than in the future.

All About 2 Tier Affiliate Programs

December 25, 2013 in Affiliate Marketing,making money online | Comments (0)

by: Kumar Sandeep

How will referring new affiliates to an affiliate program make me money in the future? That’s where a 2 tier affiliate program works like magic!

Associates are getting smarter by the day. So these days, affiliates know the difference between the different types of traffic they can get paid for. There are loads of definitions though � CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPD and many more.

CPM is impressions, when the publisher (the website owner) gets paid every single time a banner is shown.

CPC is clicks, according to which the publisher (or email marketer and other marketers) gets rewarded every time a banner or text link is clicked upon.

The other ways of getting paid are grouped together under the term performance marketing � and this is where the term affiliate is most frequently used as well.

An affiliate is a marketer who pumps people to another site using a a range of methods (such as placing banners or text links on their own site, buying Paid listings on search engines, email marketing and many other different methods) and gets paid when an action happens. This action can be a lead (CPL stands for Cost per Lead), a Sale (CPS stands for Cost per Sale), a download (CPD stands for Cost per download) and many other variations.

Some in the Internet industry refer to performance based marketing as CPA (cost per acquisition), although the term is also sometimes used for specific types of campaigns such as leads or sales.

Now the tough part is over and easy part begins.

The affiliate gets paid for sending people to a certain landing page where an action occurs � either a lead, a sale, a download or some other sort of action that the advertiser requires. As an example, some advertisers are looking to build up their databases, so they pay for each opt in email address they receive, others want leads from specific locations, so they pay for zip codes, and then try convince the visitors after they fill in their zip code, to fill in a more detailed lead form.

The common denominator is that the affiliate gets paid when an action happens.

A 2 Tier affiliate program is simply getting new promoters to sign up under you to do accurately what you are doing � sending traffic to different offers and getting paid when some action is performed by a visitor. So why should you want other marketers to enroll under you to advertise the same offers? Simple � you get paid a percentage of the amount the affiliate you refer gets paid? Sounds complex?

Don�t worry, it�s not hard to understand. For instance, say John advertises 5 different offers on a single affiliate program network. He gets paid for every lead, sale, email and zip code he creates from these different offers. John now tells Mark about the system and gets Mark to sign up using a banner or text link that has John�s referral code built into it. Mark now signs up to the Affiliate Network under John and starts publicizing a variety of offers and advertisers from the Affiliate Network. These offers DON�T need to be the same offers that John is promoting. Mark can promote ANY of the offers on the Affiliate Network.

And following is a magic…

For any amounts that Mark gets paid, John obtains a percent of the amount over and above what Mark gets paid. So if Mark gets paid $1000 in Month 1, and the 2 Tier Affiliate program is paying 5%, then John would receive $50 just for referring Mark.

But there is something more…

Some 2 Tier Affiliate companies pay whole life commissions. So John wouldn�t get a referral commission just for a month or a year � he receives it FOR ALL TIME.

If Mark becomes a super affiliate and starts making massive commissions every month, John can just rest and take the checks as he referred him.

There are 3 important things to know when searching affiliates to sign up under you on 2 Tier Affiliate Programs:

Is the affiliate program or affiliate network trustworthy, has proper monitoring so your referrals are correctly tracked, has good campaigns and offers for the affiliates to promote so they actually do make money, and do they pay on-time? Assuming that the affiliate program or network is good, what share do they pay you on amounts that your referrals get paid? All programs vary so compare different programs to understand what the industry standard is.

How long do you keep on receiving referral commissions for? Some pay for a month, some for the lifetime, and obviously there are many alternatives in between.

So do your research and find a 2 Tier program that can make you money long in the future for the work you�re carrying out today.

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Kumar Sandeep is an internet marketer cum MBA (Marketing) student in London.

He earns a good amount of money as an Online Marketer.

Basically, He is from India and after successful completion of his studies, he wants to establish his business empire including online business.

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