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Why Is It So Hard to Make Content?

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Shout it from the Mountain“I don’t know what to write!” “When I write, it comes out wrong.” “I get jammed up and stuck for ideas.” Does this sound like you?

I started blogging back in 1998, when they called it journaling. I was terrible at it. Most of my posts were about my own opinion on things. There was no consistency of voice. I’d just finish the post when I felt done with my writing. Junk. And no one read my blog.

It took me eight years to get my first 100 readers. To my defense, no one was reading blogs back then. But also, I stunk. My mom read my blog. Becky read my blog. Jon. That was about it.

And then I got good.

How to Make Great Content Without So Much Effort and Fuss

I’ll tell you what I know. The reason YOU are probably having a tough time is that you’re really really (really!) self conscious as you write. “How will this be received? What will people say? What if they say I’m full of crap?” (They won’t say “crap.”)

When I came to master my voice in writing and creating content, I focused on just a few really important factors:

  • Have a Goal – “I’m writing this because…” Answer that. If your answer is “because I haven’t created anything in a while,” that’s a crap answer. Write this because you want to help people like you. Shoot that video because you want to show how much you love something (see below). You need a reason why to write/communicate. And ultimately, if you’re writing for business, you need two goals – something for them and something for you.
  • Write Like You Talk – Too many people create as if they’re turning in an essay to a teacher. If you “write like a grown up,” it’s going to read as boring. There are a few places where that’s important, I guess. But a lot of business has changed. Your “over coffee” or “over beer” voice is what will convey your information the best.
  • Have a Point of View – Telling me all the features of the Rainmaker platform might be helpful, but telling me “THIS is why you should buy Rainmaker” is much better. If you alienate some people, that’s actually a good thing. You want those people who align with you, not everyone.
  • Make Your Writing/Communications Serve Others – The best way to get better at writing and making content is to create every piece in the service of others. Think of one important person in your life, real or imagined, and create everything in the aid of that person.
  • Finish Strong – When you write a piece or shoot a video, have a landing in mind. End the piece with some kind of next action. In content marketing, that’s often a next step in the sales process. It might be a qualifier of some kind. But end the piece such that it encourages a next action from the reader/consumer.

“Easy for you to say, Chris Brogan. But you’ve been at this for years.”

How to Get Better at Communicating/Writing/Video

Here’s what I can tell you. Writing is a daily experience. Communicating is a daily experience. If you put it off like letting laundry pile up, it’ll always be difficult. When you take up running, you go phone pole to phone pole. Then, you get a bit further. Then you do a minute running, two walking. Until you can run for miles unbroken. That’s writing.

Want some advice?

Write and Publish Daily – Even if it’s to somewhere small, publish daily. The more you create, the more you’ll improve. The best way to get good at something is to do it daily. Everything you excel at in life revolves around something you do all the time. Right?

Write Simpler – Leave big words at home. Look back at this piece. I don’t use big words often. I can see a few that I should make simpler. But every time you throw your vocabulary around, you’re isolating people or at worse, you’re making them invest their brain energy into translating your words.

Look Out, Not In – Writing gets messy when we look at our belly buttons. If you’re worried about how people will perceive you, nothing good will come out. Focus on service. Help others. Give THEM the information you want them to have. Ask, “How will this help?” And then write it.

Be You, Damn It! – Watch this video of me talking about the Amazon Echo Dot. See how it’s not fancy or fussy? THIS is how you connect to people. Not by worrying about how you’re perceived:

Find Your Writing Voice

I wrote this short book for my fiance because she was launching a website project and needed some help with expressing herself better. She’s a great verbal communicator but gets wrapped up when it hits the page. Find Your Writing Voice is all about the action, and it comes with a private little online group, too, where you can share your work with people just as nervous about it all as you.

Writing and creating content is part of EVERYONE’s business now. You can’t keep avoiding it, and what you’ve done so far hasn’t really helped, has it? I can help.

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Make Some Money Online By Reading This

12/30/2016 in Affiliate Marketing | Comments (0)

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If you would like to make money online like so many people all over the world, then you will want to read good tips to get you started. Each day people throughout the world look for different ways to cash in online, and now you can join those same people in pursuit of internet riches. Well, you probably won’t get rich, but the following article has many great tips to help you get started making a little extra money online.

Sign up to become a mystery shopper. This is a great way to make money as you will have to shop at various places and take notes on your shopping experience. When you are finished, you will have to write up a report on the computer, which you will be compensated for.

Even though you may be able to make money online regularly, keeping physical records of your work and earnings is still important. Print out the data from a well-maintained spreadsheet or keep a notebook by your computer. Keep accurate and up to date information that you will later need for tax purposes, to verify income or just for your own purposes. Data can be lost all too easily online.

Research what others are doing online to make money. There are so many ways to earn an online income these days. Take some time to see how the most successful people are doing it. You may discover ways of generating an income that you never thought of before! Keep a journal so that you remember them all as you move along.

To earn some quick cash online try one of the many auction sites. These sites let you sell a myriad of items, both new and used. Collect together gently worn clothes from your closet. Then, photograph each piece and place them on an auction site. With these sites, you can set a minimum bid to ensure that you get the money you want from your clothes.

Try doing some surveys online. You will not make as much money as you would with some other types of online work. These surveys usually do not take long, and they usually just ask for your opinion. If you join a legitimate survey site, those cents can quickly add up to some extra cash.

Think about what you want to be paid. When you work, what is an hour of your time worth? If you work for peanuts, that might be all you ever get. Potential “employers” will see that you don’t have much self-worth and take advantage of you accordingly.

To make real money online, consider launching a freelance writing career. There are numerous reputable sites that offer decent pay for article and content writing services. By checking into these options and reading feedback of each company, it really is possible to earn an income without ever leaving your home.

If you want to get started making money online quickly and easily, clean out your closets, garage, attic and storage unit. Collect anything you do not want or need anymore and sell it through eBay or Amazon. Start with small, cheap items so that you can build up an online reputation through repeated positive customer feedback.

To make real money online, consider launching a freelance writing career. There are numerous reputable sites that offer decent pay for article and content writing services. By checking into these options and reading feedback of each company, it really is possible to earn an income without ever leaving your home.

As you can see, it can be quite simple to make money online. So whether you lost your job or just need some extra spending money, you now know that you do not have to get a job and leave the comforts of your home in order to make the money you need. You will be filling your pockets in no time.

Whether you’re selling your own product, someone else’s, or are simply driving traffic to your blogs, internet marketing can be extremely lucrative if you follow these steps and work hard to market your brand to your respective niche. Remember, that information plays an important role in your how to make cash fast success and that the most successful businesses out there, took years to build.

Your Message and Your Voice

09/17/2016 in Affiliate Marketing | Comments (0)


Chris Brogan I’m writing this for my Owner Insiders but figured I’d share it with you, as well. The idea is one of those simple-but-potentially-profound ones. I’ll be sharing it with the people at Owner Action Systems LIVE in Portland, Maine on 9.24.16.

Your Message and Your Voice

I believe that when you better understand what you stand for, what you believe in, what you bring to the picnic, and who you seek to help, everything flows better in your business. I’ve come to think about this as a “throughline.” In writing, the throughline is a connecting theme or plot.

For instance, in the movie Suicide Squad, when Batman confronts Deadshot and his daughter in an alleyway, Batman says “Let’s not do this in front of your kid.” The scene immediately forces us to remember that Bruce Wayne lost his parents in an alley in front of his face.

This requires thought and work around two areas. Your message and your voice.

A Living Message

In the 1980s, Dr. Stephen R. Covey did a lot to show the world the corporate concept of a mission statement. He pointed out that we’d all benefit from having a personal mission statement. The idea was to create a phrase or sentence that guided our choices and actions.

A living message is something like that. The idea is that you need to work to sum up your beliefs, your approach, your capabilities, and who you serve into something tight and easy to say but that also guides some of your choices and actions.

Upon looking at that last sentence, it’s a bit startling. There’s a lot packed in there. But if you think about it, it’s completely within reason to think you can create it. Even a marketing slogan can sometimes handle most of this.

The most overused example I immediately thought about was Nike’s “Just Do It.”

But think for a moment. The phrase says “take action.” It says “be brave.” It says “don’t overthink it.” And it calls to a very specific kind of person. It also hints that Nike is committed to equip people to do all that.

Three words. A marketing phrase. But a philosophy.

Joe DeSena’s Spartan Race has the tagline: “You’ll know at the finish line.” This isn’t his life philosophy or anything, but it shows the promise in the message of the race. The goal of the race is to transform the Spartans running it.

A Message Isn’t A Marketing Slogan

I’ve just made the dangerous choice of giving you two marketing messages as examples of a Message for you to consider. Don’t mistake the concept. Your goal is to think through and sum up what you believe, what you do for the world, and who you seek to help with this information.

The work of doing this takes some writing, some thinking, some summing up, maybe some questions asked to trusted advisors and friends. But once you best understand your message, you know the mission that the message puts you on, and you know who you serve, so that’s what matters.

(This is one part of five that we’ll cover in Portland on September 24th.)

A Connecting Voice

The voice is your ability to communicate your message to others, to seek others, to build community around the ideas that your message represents. As I stated in my Nike example, Nike wants the kinds of people who take action. When I communicate my ideas, I’m reaching the kinds of owners who don’t accept “this is how it is” as an excuse. I’m looking for people who own their choices, own their lives, and own their future.

To develop a connecting voice is to work on creating the world you see in your message. We create everything twice: once in our minds/hearts and once in the world. That first part, of writing or speaking or drawing or in other ways expressing the kind of “world” our message evolves around is some of the hardest work you’ll ever do, but it’s also what will win your success ultimately.

I was having lunch at Whole Foods the other day up in Portland, Maine. I found myself looking around at the signage, at the community board, at the multiple ways the company states their intentions so that people shopping there will know that they’re in alignment with at least some of what they see. It was rather well done. They went to a lot of effort to share their voice in a way that reached out to people, said to them, “Hey, we’re one of you! Come join us!”

You can see “bad” marketers trying to replicate this and failing miserably. But people who simply want to serve the people that match the intentions of their message? This is your work. Or some of it. To create the story and bring that throughline of your themes and concepts into the way you speak, the way you sell, the way you serve the people who give you their time and attention.

(We’ll cover this in Portland, too!)

I wanted to start here. There’s much more to cover on these ideas. But let’s start here. I hope they help you think differently about what you’re doing to reach the people you hope to serve as customers and clients.

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