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Social Media Consulting: 3 Tips for Freelancers on How to Successfully Manage Client Accounts

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Social media is playing a much larger role in many businesses’ online marketing strategy. In fact, did you know that it’s overtaken porn as the number one online activity? Proof?

The Fast Company article 10 Surprising Social Media Statistics That Will Make You Rethink Your Social Strategy, states, “Apparently it’s the most common thing we do online. … It’s clearly not a fad, or a phase. It continues to grow as a habit, and new platforms continue to appear and develop.”

The article goes on to advise businesses to get serious about it by allocating more time to it. This presents a golden opportunity for freelance writers who are forward-thinking enough to take advantage of it.
Why Social Media Account Management Is Such a Needed Service

In two words, content marketing.

In case you don’t know, content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers, eg, web articles, white papers, case studies, vidoes, infographics, etc.

The fifth annual Marketing Budgets Report, published by Econsultancy in partnership with Responsys Companies and conducted in December 2013 and January 2014, the most “buoyant” area of investment [in digital marketing] is content marketing, with 74 percent of companies planning to increase their spending this year [2014].

Once content is created, it must be distributed – and companies get this. But guess what? A lot of them don’t have the manpower or time to do it themselves. So, who does this duty fall to? Freelance social media account consultants, that’s who. And it can be very lucrative.
How Much Do Social Media Account Management Consultants Earn

The average salary for a Social Media Consultant is $33,000 per year, according to job search site Simply Hired. But, freelancers can earn much more simply because they can set their own rates – and offer other services (like writing content) to entice clients to sign on.

Now, if you do decide to offer this service, following are three tips to keep in mind.
Increase Your Earnings with These 3 Social Media Account Management Tips

1. Use Automation Tools: This will make it so much easier to quickly and easily update accounts. I use these tools to pre-schedule posts, which can take as little as 10 or 15 minutes, depending on how many updates you do.

FYI, a couple of popular social media automation tools are HootSuite and SocialOomph.

2. Interact in Real Time: While automation tools are great (and I advise using them), do interact in real time regularly. For example, if a client contracts with you to update their Twitter account six times a day, make one to two of those real-time tweets.

3. Bookmark Easy-to-Go-to Sources: This is one of the first things I do when my firm gets a new social media client. I find 20-30 sources I can go to regularly to find relevant content in their niche to send out.

This cuts down immensely on the amount of time you’ll have to spend researching.


Social media is a growing demand – I’m simply astounded by how fast it’s growing. And companies know that they can no longer ignore it, so they’re investing heavily in it. If priced correctly, you can easily earn $2,000 to $3,000 per month as a social media account manager.

About the Author: Yuwanda has earned her living completely online since 2007 as a freelance writer, self-publisher and internet marketer. She heads New Media Words, an SEO writing company that offers social media account management as one of its services. She’s taught scores of other freelancers how to do the same thing.
Learn more about Yuwanda via her Google+ Profile.

Market Your Videos Successfully With These Tips

02/08/2017 in Affiliate Marketing | Comments (0)

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Guest Post by Downes Stephen

To succeed in business today, you really need to have a creative edge, and video marketing might be just what you’re looking for! The following article will offer you useful advice on how to put video marketing to work for your company. Once you learn the basics and get the hang of it, video marketing can be a lot of fun!

Consider what others are wanting when they are searching for videos. Most people are looking for something entertaining as well as informative. If you are explaining how to do something, use inflections as you talk and give information that others may not know. It is also beneficial to show how to do something while talking.

Keep all of your videos optimized. Whenever you upload videos to different sites, create unique titles and descriptions for each. You also need to include any targeted keywords. Contact information needs to show up in descriptions or the video so people are able to contact you.

Get others involved in your videos. Whether you are giving a nod to a customer or interested site visitor, or doing an interview with within your niche, you can add some flavor to your videos. People like to see variety in marketing, which means you need to utilize multiple tools to build your success.

Do not neglect the sound of your video. You need to invest in a quality microphone if you want to record yourself. If you want to talk while demonstrating your product outside, get a lapel microphone. Do not hesitate to use some soft music if there are some silences in your video.

Do not avoid video marketing because you are shy. If it is hard for you to talk in front of a camera, do as many takes as you need and edit your video. Ask a friend or a colleague to help you by demonstrating products with you or interviewing you.

If you are new to video marketing, don’t worry too much about the equipment you are using. You do not need a professional television or movie camera to do video marketing. A simple camera will work just fine, as long as it can deliver good quality digital videos. A webcam is never a good idea for video marketing.

Whenever you post a video, watch the comments. This is the best way to see which videos truly begin a conversation and which are being ignored. Don’t forget to respond to people who comment so they know that you’re watching what’s being said and learning from what they share with you.

Great audio and video equipment makes for a great video. If you use old crappy equipment, you’ll get an effect you might not expect. That doesn’t mean that effect isn’t what you want, so play with the equipment you use until you get the video which matches the tone you wish it to have.

Use videos to answer your viewers questions. This is an awesome opportunity to provide relevant information that your viewers will want to see. When making your video, state the question, then the answer and finally explain how you came up with that answer. This is not a time to be coy. You will need to explain in detail the answer.

When you reach your goals, you’ll find that using video marketing was an exceptional choice. It’s up to you to use what you’ve learned here to reach those goals of course. Take the time to study this advice and add it to your campaigns and you’ll be successful in no time.

When you program to start a video silo plugin campaign, place a while into building a YouTube channel for your business. This will make your videos easy to obtain, and if a client enjoys the very first video, they’re going to have multiple other individuals correct at their disposal.

Why Is It So Hard to Make Content?

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Shout it from the Mountain“I don’t know what to write!” “When I write, it comes out wrong.” “I get jammed up and stuck for ideas.” Does this sound like you?

I started blogging back in 1998, when they called it journaling. I was terrible at it. Most of my posts were about my own opinion on things. There was no consistency of voice. I’d just finish the post when I felt done with my writing. Junk. And no one read my blog.

It took me eight years to get my first 100 readers. To my defense, no one was reading blogs back then. But also, I stunk. My mom read my blog. Becky read my blog. Jon. That was about it.

And then I got good.

How to Make Great Content Without So Much Effort and Fuss

I’ll tell you what I know. The reason YOU are probably having a tough time is that you’re really really (really!) self conscious as you write. “How will this be received? What will people say? What if they say I’m full of crap?” (They won’t say “crap.”)

When I came to master my voice in writing and creating content, I focused on just a few really important factors:

  • Have a Goal – “I’m writing this because…” Answer that. If your answer is “because I haven’t created anything in a while,” that’s a crap answer. Write this because you want to help people like you. Shoot that video because you want to show how much you love something (see below). You need a reason why to write/communicate. And ultimately, if you’re writing for business, you need two goals – something for them and something for you.
  • Write Like You Talk – Too many people create as if they’re turning in an essay to a teacher. If you “write like a grown up,” it’s going to read as boring. There are a few places where that’s important, I guess. But a lot of business has changed. Your “over coffee” or “over beer” voice is what will convey your information the best.
  • Have a Point of View – Telling me all the features of the Rainmaker platform might be helpful, but telling me “THIS is why you should buy Rainmaker” is much better. If you alienate some people, that’s actually a good thing. You want those people who align with you, not everyone.
  • Make Your Writing/Communications Serve Others – The best way to get better at writing and making content is to create every piece in the service of others. Think of one important person in your life, real or imagined, and create everything in the aid of that person.
  • Finish Strong – When you write a piece or shoot a video, have a landing in mind. End the piece with some kind of next action. In content marketing, that’s often a next step in the sales process. It might be a qualifier of some kind. But end the piece such that it encourages a next action from the reader/consumer.

“Easy for you to say, Chris Brogan. But you’ve been at this for years.”

How to Get Better at Communicating/Writing/Video

Here’s what I can tell you. Writing is a daily experience. Communicating is a daily experience. If you put it off like letting laundry pile up, it’ll always be difficult. When you take up running, you go phone pole to phone pole. Then, you get a bit further. Then you do a minute running, two walking. Until you can run for miles unbroken. That’s writing.

Want some advice?

Write and Publish Daily – Even if it’s to somewhere small, publish daily. The more you create, the more you’ll improve. The best way to get good at something is to do it daily. Everything you excel at in life revolves around something you do all the time. Right?

Write Simpler – Leave big words at home. Look back at this piece. I don’t use big words often. I can see a few that I should make simpler. But every time you throw your vocabulary around, you’re isolating people or at worse, you’re making them invest their brain energy into translating your words.

Look Out, Not In – Writing gets messy when we look at our belly buttons. If you’re worried about how people will perceive you, nothing good will come out. Focus on service. Help others. Give THEM the information you want them to have. Ask, “How will this help?” And then write it.

Be You, Damn It! – Watch this video of me talking about the Amazon Echo Dot. See how it’s not fancy or fussy? THIS is how you connect to people. Not by worrying about how you’re perceived:

Find Your Writing Voice

I wrote this short book for my fiance because she was launching a website project and needed some help with expressing herself better. She’s a great verbal communicator but gets wrapped up when it hits the page. Find Your Writing Voice is all about the action, and it comes with a private little online group, too, where you can share your work with people just as nervous about it all as you.

Writing and creating content is part of EVERYONE’s business now. You can’t keep avoiding it, and what you’ve done so far hasn’t really helped, has it? I can help.

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