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How The School of Hard Knocks Taught Me The Importance of ‘The List’ – And How This Factor Will Change All Your Marketing From This Day Forward

November 24, 2014 in Affiliate Marketing | Comments (0)

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Article by Marlon Sanders

Where have you been going wrong? Where’s your money. Why hasn’t your money been coming to you? How do you loose your money so it flows to you in abundance?

How do you finally get a product or service that people buy? How do you finally have a product or service that people send you money for.

Marlon, how do I make this happen for me? I’ve tried. I’ve read the E-books. I’ve done the stuff. I’ve tried this or that. My money has not come to me. People have not clicked on my order form. People have not bought my product. It hasn’t been working for me. Marlon, how do I make things go right?

I remember back when I was a beginner. The same exact questions haunted me. The key is to understand the big picture. Then you can work down to specifics from there. But without understanding the big picture, you’re punching at a shadow and wasting a lot of energy.

There are four basic reasons your money is not coming to you. In this article, I’m focusing on reason number one – your list.

I can best illustrate what the list means by giving you a personal illustration.

When I first graduated from college, the only job I could get was selling insurance. Well, they told me I was selling “retirement plans.” But actually, it was whole life insurance.

Anyway, here I am sitting’ across the table from a guy trying’ my best to get him to buy a retirement plan from me. Now, somewhere in our conversation he tells me that for Christmas that year, his church brought him a turkey.

Now, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that if his church brought him a turkey for Christmas the dude didn’t have any money. But I didn’t understand that believe it or not!

The guy I was trying to sell to was my list. In this case, my list universe size was one. I had one dude I was giving my well-rehearsed sales talk to. I could recite every word by memory. The gestures were perfectly synchronized with the pages in my pitch book.

But the dude had no money. My list was broke. I don’t care how great or spectacular my sales presentation was, the guy couldn’t buy a turkey for his family for Christmas. I doubt he’s got money under the mattress so he can eat in his old age. He can’t eat now!

In contrast, at another time I called on a lady who pulled out her address book and referred me to all her friends. That week I was twelfth in the nation in sales because all her friends bought.

The difference?

I had a different list. In this case, the list was basically the address book of personal friends the lady referred me to.

On another occasion a lady referred me to her friends but none of them even kept appointments with me. Why? The quality of the list. In this case, apparently the lady’s friends didn’t think much of the quality of her opinion. Probably because she was broke. And they figured taking financial advice from her wasn’t a good idea.

Are you beginning to see the importance of the list?

Your list is the people you sell to. The people who call or walk in the door of your business. The people who come to your web site. The people who join your opt-in list. The people who click on your ppc words. The people who call you up on the phone. The people you give your sales presentation to.

If you’re not selling as much as you want, or you’re selling almost nothing at all, maybe you’re delivering your message to the wrong audience. If you have a cure for cancer but you’re trying to sell it to people dying of heart disease, you’re speaking to the wrong crowd.

One more example.

I once was a copywriter for a company that had a great method of list-building. The CEO of the company had networked with a number of seminar companies. These companies were always on the road conducting seminars.

The attendees of these seminars paid a lot of money to be there. So they were not broke. And they obviously had a need or interest or they wouldn’t have paid to attend a seminar on the topic.

Through his networking expertise, the CEO got these seminar companies to refer attendees to his company for the service he provided. These referrals cost him nothing. And get this: He got about 60 phone calls a day from these referrals!

At zero cost.

And remember, these referrals had money and a demonstrated interest in his product or service. That’s what you call a high quality list.

The point is, the people you’re selling your product or service to have more to do with your sales ratio or conversion rate than any other factor.

From this day forward, all your marketing efforts should change. Why? Because you’ll start focusing on the number one thing that matters – and that is getting your message to the exact people who have interest and the ability to buy.

And that little change right there can make all the difference in the world.

– Marlon Sanders


Marlon Sanders is the author of The Amazing Formula That Sells Like Crazy, The Push Button Letters Software, How to Create Your Own Products in a Flash, Gimme My Money Now, The Marlon Sanders’ Marketing Dashboard, The Cash Like Clockwork System, The Action Grid System, The New Wave Direct Mail Success System and many other marketing systems, tools, courses and software programs.

Visit Marlon’s blog at:

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Affiliate Marketing Tips That Can Help You Succeed

November 18, 2014 in Affiliate Marketing | Comments (0)

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By Marcus Ryan

The internet lifestyle is something everyone wants to achieve, the truth is not a lot of people are able to succeed on the internet. The truth is a large percentage of people are not able to make any money because they don’t have the right resources, tools or training. In this article we are going to share some strategies and information to help you succeed in the affiliate marketing world.

The first thing we recommend you to do is to find a mentor or coach that can help you or guide you along. A coach is someone who will have training videos and you’ll usually find them on social media sites as well. Keep in mind that there are a lot of fake gurus so you have to be really careful with who you decide to follow and learn from. Find someone who has the results you want for your business.

The next thing you need to do is get your hands on some up to date traffic generation techniques. In the world of internet marketing traffic is key, without traffic you won’t be able to make money no matter how great your product or website looks. With affiliate marketing you need to learn to send targeted traffic to any product or service on demand if you really want to be a successful affiliate marketer.

We also suggest you work hard to find the right affiliate programs to promote, finding the right programs is important because some pay peanuts while others pay better commissions for your marketing efforts. You should also consider working with subscription programs because you have an opportunity to increase your income exponentially each month. Consider this information when you are researching programs or products to promote.

Keep in mind that achieving success in affiliate marketing is not easy, there will be times where you will struggle to make things happen. Just know that this is part of the learning process and is important that you understand that having patience and being consistent is important. We hope that you have learned valuable information from this article and that you listen to the advice we provided here.

About the Author:
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Effective Joint Venture E-mail Strategies

November 10, 2014 in Affiliate Marketing | Comments (0)

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When getting in contact with a potential joint venture partner by electronic mail, there are many essential points to consider. The foremost and most vital is that the individual you’re getting in contact with is really busy….plus they are definitely not likely to spend any time on email messages that really aren’t constructed in a manner as to acquire their interest immediately. Numerous joint venture offers find themselves in the throw away file not simply because they are not great offers but mainly because they just weren’t well crafted proposals.

Stage 1: Utilize the individual’s name that you’re corresponding with. Never start your email with ‘Hi’ or ‘Dear Webmaster’….these go directly to the deleted mailbox file. Check out whatever measures to acquire a name after which utilize it.

Stage 2: Present yourself in a maximum of two well made sentences utilizing any individual recommendations you might have. They are not intrigued in your pet’s name or the number of kids you intend to have.

Stage 3: Explain the products or services that you will be in search of to create a partnership arrangement with him or her about. Utilize no more than one paragraph and offer to deliver them a totally free copy of your respective product or service.

Stage 4: Design your proposal very clear and specific. Bring to their interest any specific earnings or added benefits that you will be providing. Apply it in a single paragraph.

Stage 5: Voice a compliment about their site with concentration on the good points regarding this that you simply observed.

Stage 6: Punctuation and sentence structure do matter. Have your email go through spell check and have an individual you know actually understands search for grammatical problems proof read it because you do not want to appear not smart and ignorant.

Stage 7: Incorporate your contact details as well as your contact number, address, current email address and, certainly, a hyperlink to your website.

Create your email successful but as short as it could be created whilst nevertheless expressing all the things you might want to say. It might take quite a few rewrites before getting it correct. Take your time to get it correct before you decide to click the mail.

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