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How Important are Autoresponders to Internet Marketing?

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Internet Marketing and autoresponders essentially go hand-in-hand. In today’s online business world, you simply cannot succeed at Internet marketing without the use of autoresponders. Autoresponders are used to achieve many of the marketing tasks that are essential to a successful online business.

Internet marketing can be very time consuming. Whether you do affiliate marketing or market your own products, an autoresponder is a big part of your marketing arsenal. Autoresponders are used to keep in contact with your past customers, and to develop a relationship with potential customers.

An autoresponder can be used to deliver sales messages to your opt-in customer list. It can be used to deliver email courses, to send reminders, and even to help you build an opt-in list if you don’t already have one. There are many creative ways you can use your autoresponder to make more sales and to build customer relations.

Any successful marketer will tell you that there are two tools that are vital to any type of online marketing – an opt-in list and an autoresponder. In fact, most marketers will agree that you could take away all of their other marketing tools, but they would fight to the death to keep the list and the autoresponder!

How Next Generation Phones Are Great Advertising Vehicles

Many of today’s business people may remember early cell phones. They were heavy, bulky devices that worked only in your car – and then only sporadically, since there were more holes in coverage than there was coverage itself. Boy, have we come a long way. Today’s phones are lightweight, pocket sized, and calling them mere phones seems like an understatement of great proportions.

Today’s cell phones provide us regular wireless phone service, allow us quick text messaging, display our emails, provide gaming and surf the internet. Many also offer push to talk capability to reduce our costs in talking to those whom we chat with frequently. All in all, our cell phones have become a business necessity – serving our needs far beyond verbal communication. Most of us take our wireless devices with us everywhere.

And, what’s even more exciting about how the extent to which wireless phone capabilities have increased is the fact that the cost of purchasing a cell phone and of paying for service has not risen dramatically enough over the years to deter business people or consumers. Today, nearly everyone has a cell phone – even children. Industry experts estimate that cell phone penetration has reached nearly 100% in the United States.
Use your mobile phone to build profitable affiliate campaigns.

Wireless companies have created packages aimed at businesses to ensure that a company is willing to pay for phones for nearly every employee. And, family plans have made equipping every member of the family, right down to the elementary age child, affordable. In fact, today many families have foregone the landline home phone entirely in favor of a cell phone for every family member with a rate plan that allows them unlimited calling to every member of the family. In addition, wireless carriers have made “unlimited texting” plans so affordable that these are purchased by most business and consumer users.

Finally, the newest generation of phones, “smart phones” are a revolution in themselves. These phones have richer displays and are designed with more of a browser in mind. They also can support many different applications. There are applications available today, and you can bet that many more are in development. So, if you haven’t considered advertising your business via wireless devices, now’s the time. In short, cell phones are the perfect new advertising vehicle because:

Nearly everyone carries a cell phone
Many users subscribe to text messaging and internet
There are a wide variety of additional applications that can be used for advertisers

Use your mobile phone to build profitable affiliate campaigns.
If you haven’t yet thought about advertising your business via your customers’ wireless devices, this book can help you get started. In the next chapters, we’ll explore the possibilities of advertising on mobile phones more in depth. We’ll examine the new face of the technologically savvy business user as well as look at companies that have already begun to use wireless advertising strategies to their advantage. You’re sure to come away with many new ideas to help improve your connection with your customers.

The B.E.S.T. Way To Make Money Online

By Jimmy D. Brown of iBusiness Owner

If you’ve been around “internet marketing” as long as I have, you routinely see the same kinds of questions being asked about doing business online.

Definitely one of the “most asked” questions that I’ve read is:

“What’s the best way to make money online?”

Let’s see if we can answer that one once and for all. I use an acronym to explain the “B.E.S.T.” way to make money online that I’m going to share with you today.

Here it is –

B = Business Model
E = Education
S = Schedule
T = Tenacity

Let’s take a closer look at each component of the “B.E.S.T. Way”.

B = Business Model

Everything hinges upon you finding a business model to build upon. That’s where most people make their big mistake from the beginning. They try TOO MANY things.

Sound familiar? Chances are you’ve made that very mistake yourself. I know I did early on in my online endeavors.

Listen to me carefully: your primary objective should be to determine ONE path you’re wanting to take to build an online business.

To be sure, your business will ultimately consist of many parts. But just try to do affiliate marketing, online auctions, creating information products, setting up Adsense sites and buying private label products all at the same time and see what happens.

You’ll be spinning your wheels and never getting anywhere.

What do you want to build your business upon FIRST?

* Do you want to create your own products?
* Do you want to promote other people’s products as an affiliate?
* Do you want to sell items on internet auctions?
* Do you want to buy and sell reprint rights or private label products?
* Do you want to generate and sell leads?
* Do you want to sell advertising or generate ad revenue?

You can’t do them all at the same time from the beginning or you’ll end up getting nothing done at all.

Choose one overall “business model” to build upon. You can always expand, multiply and diversify your business over time after you’ve stabilized your business by mastering one particular area.

E = Education

When you decide what it is that you want to do, the next item to focus your attention on is learning everything you can about that business model.

No one becomes a doctor or lawyer or accountant or even a cashier at McDonald’s without an education process.

The important thing is this: learn what you need to learn and absolutely nothing else.

Think about the absurdity of this scenario: a medical student devotes some of his time to learning medicine, some of his time to learning law, some of his time to learning accounting and some of his time to learning estate planning.

Is he going to become a master at medicine? At anything?

The point is this: you will derail yourself if you try to take in every new “offer of the week” that comes your way.

You’ve gotta learn to resist the temptation to go and buy what appears to be the best new thing to come around. Listen, marketers are smart. They know how to entice you. They know how to make their product sound like it’s the perfect thing for you. They know how to make you whip out your credit card and buy. That’s why their marketers. That’s what they do.

What you’ve got to do is stop giving in to the allurements and simply continue to educate yourself in the area you’ve chosen to build your business upon. If you’re learning to become a top-selling affiliate, don’t waste your time and money on a product that teaches something that’s unrelated – not matter how great it sounds.

Stick to what you’re doing. Learn it well. And let nothing else get in your way.

S = Schedule

As you begin to educate yourself on WHAT to do, it’s important that you make sure it gets done. Information without application is worthless to you. Ya gotta use what you learn.

The key is to balance your schedule with activities that allow you to build your internet business. In other words, setup a set of daily “things to do” whereby you put into practice the things you’ve learned.

Here’s a brief example –

* MON: Write and send an ezine article
* TUE: Recruit new affiliates
* WED: Tweak your page conversion.
* THU: Conduct a list-building strategy.
* FRI: Research new ideas and plan.

That’s an abbreviated schedule, I know. I’m just trying to illustrate a point: you gotta give yourself reasonable, realistic steps to complete each day of your work week in order to make progress.

Until you learn to put into practice those things you’ve been observing in your education process you’ll never really see results.

So, get a weekly schedule in place of daily activities.

And then, stick to it…

T = Tenacity

There’s an old saying that goes, “winners never quit and quitters never win”. There’s a lot of truth in that statement.

To finish off the “B.E.S.T. Way” to make money online, you’ve gotta have tenacity. That simply means, you’ve gotta be persistent.

You’ve gotta stick to it.

If there’s one reason why people don’t “make it” in their internet businesses, this is it: they quit. It’s usually out of frustration because of a lack of results.

Want to know where that frustration comes from? It comes from not doing the things I’ve told you thus far. When you don’ have a clear business model that you are learning about and putting into practice on a consistent basis, it’s virtually impossible NOT to get frustrated.

Results only come when you follow this system (or some variation of it). Stick to it. Stick to it. Stick to it.

Do you want to be successful online?

C’mon, get serious with me. Do you*really* want to be successful online? Then do these four things…

2. Get an EDUCATION.
3. Get a SCHEDULE.
4. Get some TENACITY.

That’s “The B.E.S.T Way To Make Money Online!”

Now that I’ve shared this with you, I’d like to HELP you with this.

If You Are Just Starting Out Or Currently Making Less Than $1,000 Per Month…

I can personally (one-on-one) answer your questions, help you create a daily schedule and give you some specific action steps to take each week to build a successful Internet business.

Together we will choose a thriving market of customers with a strong buying history, select a method for generating cash that is custom-fit for you, locate an offer to sell to customers that has proven to get orders, eliminate the clutter to identify the fewest and best action steps, and develop a daily schedule to use immediately to stay on track.

You will receive a step-by-step curriculum, daily assignment to complete for me to “grade”, and a personal Q&A session with me!

Due to the personal interaction with me, there are only 50 spots available. Once they are sold out, they are gone. I can only take 50 students since I’ll be personally interacting with you EVERY DAY for this coaching class.

Get all the details at I-Foundations 5-Day Coaching Program

Online Business Partnerships Content Websites – Good fit for Partnerships?

by Nicole Dean

Content sites are springing up left and right. People want to share their expertise and the information they find. However, many Internet Marketers overlook Content Sites as an opportunity to partner with another online businessperson, although it can actually be quite a good fit.

How would this be a mutually beneficial project? Here are some scenarios:

If you’re not technical and don’t know how to build a website, but you enjoy writing, share the work.
If you aren’t a writer, but enjoy making websites… find a writer and you’ll have a perfect partnership.

Working with another person has many benefits. You’ll come up with ideas and topics that neither one of you may have thought of on your own. And just having someone else working on the site with you will keep you on your toes and motivated. It’s just like having a gym buddy. You work on the site because there’s someone out there that relies on you.

How do you both benefit financially?

Adsense Income – Set up an adsense channel to track the income from your website. That way, you’ll be able to see how effective your ad placements are – and easily split the profits at the end of the month.

Affiliate Income – This one gets a little trickier. If you’re promoting a clickbank product, you can set up a new account name to use. No problem. However, if you have many other affiliate programs on your website, you can split the profits in any number of ways. One thing I do on one of my shared sites is we each use our own affiliate links on the pages that we create.

Incoming Links to your other sites – Feel free to link from your shared content site to some of your other related sites. You’ll get free advertising and free incoming links, which the search engines love.

Newsletter – You can also built a newsletter list together that can drive traffic to your other sites, and sell affiliate products. By sharing the responsibility of coming up with new newsletter topics and articles, you benefit from the list with half the work.

Now, if you’ve read any of my other articles about this topic, you’ll see a common theme. Don’t sweat the small stuff in a partnership. It’s just not worth it. Nobody wants to partner with a Nitpicky Nancy. Get a reputation for being fun to worth with and a hard worker and you’ll have people knocking down your door to partner with you.

Nicole Dean welcomes you to visit Easy Partnerships where you’ll learn how to team up with your peers to profit — and avoid the pitfalls along the way.

An Instant Optin Page Builder

Giving you access to an AWESOME landing page builder for an entire year, for free.

Optin pages (squeeze pages, lead pages or landing pages as they are also known) are the fastest and easiest ways to gather leads and build a list.

In a few simple steps you can have unlimited landing pages, additional templates, and thousands of extra leads.

All you need to do is just click the link below.

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Necessary Website Design and style Advice For your Site

Whilst specific topics, like internet style, might seem thrilling for lots of individuals, once they set lots of imagined into executing socratesbackgrounds this, they’re intimidated by attempting. Though you might be intimidated by web design and style, but drawn to it even so, discover this informative article totally to obtain a better grasp on the problems.

Stay clear of trying to add each and every new gadget to your site. It can be tempting to create your internet site appear slicing edge by which include every new world wide web design and style solution available but it really can end up turning persons off. Easy will frequently get the work carried out better still than the usual flashy structure.

It may well look very, but steer clear of having also a lot of animations in your web page. Acquiring your product sales splash site rotate, spin and blink could glance awesome to you personally, but it really will probably push probable viewers away. If you add far too quite a few flashy splashes like that, it helps make your site search amateurish which is not the message you want to convey.

Velocity is every thing with regards to the online world, so guantee that you keep your website’s loading the perfect time to a minimum amount. If anyone visiting your internet site must hold out a while if you want for your web site to load, it is probably they’ll click off your web site and go away. They almost certainly will never return.

Carry out some keyword study. While your main target really should often be on offering your client with relevant and existing facts, you initially ought to function on gaining a consumer base. Comprehending what keywords will provide individuals towards your web-site from a lookup motor is really a required stage to starting to be a successful web-site.

The beginning world-wide-web designer can use Photoshop to generate their web page glance fantastic. Photoshop and very similar courses empower amateurs to layout sites immediately. Not obtaining this software can cause a layout which seems amateurish and untrusthworthy.

Make sure you do have a approach for site visitors to go away opinions or queries. This tends to give you a mechanism the place your website visitors can enable you to know if one thing is damaged, would not do the job and also it should really or is baffling. Giving your website visitors a voice makes them significantly much more very likely to return to the web site and go on the dialogue.

Since you are aware of more about world-wide-web style and design, you’ll want to feel a lot more self-confident with reference to executing it. Preserve in your mind which you really should usually be on the lookout for new ideas and tips that can help strengthen your internet style and design skills. For those who do the right exploration and put homepage during the exertion, you are going to turn into a competent web designer in no time.

The Process of Lead Management

By: Jordan Mcpelt

Lead management is simply the process of acquiring and managing your leads so you can begin the sales process with them, or turn a lead into an opportunity. There are six key steps to doing managing leads.

1. Data management- decide on a database to store your information. This could be something as simple as an excel spreadsheet or a rolodex. Or something with more features like a CRM.

2. Lead capture- Meaning just get the basic information for each of your leads; name, phone number, and mailing address. You can use web forms, toll free numbers, local landlines, or buy leads from a lead provider, using whatever tools you have.

3. Lead delivery- Deliver the lead to your database whether it be excel, a CRM, or a lead management tool.

4. Supplement your lead- So get more information about your leads, using other database’s look up any information you can about them. For example use an area code registry to see where they are from, if you sell business-to-business find out what industry they are in, their competitors, etc.

5. Score- Based on the information you have, give each lead a score based on how likely they are to buy your product. When scoring leads 3 categorizes are taken into account.

a. Quality- how well do they match our target market.
b. Behavior- how many times have they contacted us, have they requested information or free products, etc.
c. Quantity- do we have enough information to contact them or are they a real lead.

Using this criteria we can then rate each lead. Rating systems are often done A to E or 1 to 10. We’ll look at the A to E a little closer here.

A. A very hot lead is someone that is very likely to buy your product.
B. Is a fairly good lead?
C. Is not really that great but worth calling?
D. Is not good at all?
E. Is bogus or too little information?

Note: D & E are usually not contacted right away but put into lead nurturing campaigns, which we’ll discuss later on.

6. Route -After scoring your leads you route them to your sales reps. When routing them you must first choose what sales rep the lead will go to based on criteria of your choosing, such as location, ratings and your sales reps skills. Then you notify your sales reps with a phone call, screen pop, and/or text message, allowing them to initiate the last step.

Follow-Up Strategy- There are 4 basic strategies.

1. Immediate response- Using your different media tools phone, email, fax, chat, text message, voice broadcast. The object is to contact them as soon as possible preferably within about 5 minutes.
2. 24 Hour Response- If option one fails make 3-5 five phone calls with 24 hours and perhaps send an e-mail, text message, or any of the other options used in immediate response
3. 2 Week response- If the first two options fail try a phone call everyday or every other day.
4. Nurturing- If the first three strategies fail or they don’t meet your standard for starting with those options you can put them in a nurturing campaign where once a month or whatever you chose, you send a newsletter to them, free demos or any other number of options. The purpose of nurturing is to get them to come back to you, more interested then when you first received their information.

Article Source: http://www.content4reprint.com

About the Author
Jordan Mcpelt is a professional author who specializes in lead management and charitable organizations. For more information on free services for nonprofits please visit Phone Dialer

A Estimated Revenue Perspective Effects From Your Profits Channel Leads

A estimated product sales forecast is exactly what every single business wants to enable them to make strong business choices. Even so estimated product sales forecasts may be extremely challenging and complicated to obtain. There’s usually a outstanding distinction between exactly what the sales staff suggests they will generate along with what they really wind up delivering.

Acquiring an accurate picture of one’s business allows you to manage your company efficiently as well as maximizing your profits. Product sales funnel operations will let you calculate your possibility of earnings for just a specific time frame. Some do remarkably effectively at controlling their product sales funnels.

Never mix up a revenue forecast with a product sales funnel – they’re very different. Your revenue outlook can determine the purchasing cycle of your respective customer in connection with your business after which predicts your profits. Your revenue funnel inspects the complete wellness coming from all prospective sales inside your income supply. After that it estimates the possibility that you have more than enough chances moving in direction of concluding to make certain revenue flow for any specific length of time.

A powerful revenue funnel is an excellent indication of one’s long-term revenue well being. It really is vital that you maintain all of the deals within your presented pipeline present. Ensure you develop a system in which your details is consistently analyzed. You need to be gathering data on

* The amount of deals in the making

* How many deals in each individual revenue phases

* Expense of product sales

* Size of deals

* Advancement of the deals

* Usage of resources

Next you need to evaluate your key elements, which may consist of:

* Client problems

* Guidelines for your income procedure at each phase

* Connections

* Standards for choices

* Opportunity

* Skills

Revenue funnels appear in several styles and sizes. There are a variety of phases that come about. Among those opportunities are for a short moment but far attaining, while some are for an extended time but just a few opportunities showing up in the flow. There’s no sales revenue funnel that isn’t going to have at the very least a handful of holes. This indicate an offer tends to make its way into the product sales funnel but isn’t going to reach the close of your sale. The bottom line is obtaining excellent opportunities which will make it from begin to close.

It’s vital that you have many offers in every phase in order that the next phase continues to be filled up as it filters as a result of. This could certainly guarantee you’ve got a constant stream of offers instead of attempting to come back from the repast or starvation symptoms.

The Cost of Affiliate Tracking Software

If you are a business owner, especially one that plans on using an affiliate program to generate sales for your business, there are a number of important factors that you should examine. Those factors should include the cost of starting an affiliate program, if you haven’t already. In most cases, an affiliate program will end up paying for itself, due to the increase in sales that it creates; however, many business owners are still interested in learning where their money will be going.

One of the first things that you should examine includes the amount of money you plan on paying to your affiliates. Affiliates are the individuals or businesses that you partner with. Most of these individuals and companies have their own websites, which will be used to promote the services or products you are selling. To properly award an outstanding affiliate, one that helps to increase your sales, you will want to financially compensate them. This compensation can either be a flat rate fee or a commission percentage, the decision is yours to make.

To properly compensate a well performing affiliate, you must be able to determine if and when they helped you generate a sale. This is done with the use of affiliate tracking software. Affiliate tracking software programs create special codes that are tagged inside your advertising banners and links. These codes are used to tell affiliates apart from each other. They are also used to inform you if and when one of your affiliate links were responsible for a sale. If they were, your affiliate tracking software should be able to tell you which affiliate assisted you and how much that sale was for. Depending on the type of software you use, that software may also be able to determine the exact amount of compensation your affiliate is to receive.

Affiliate programs are, in a way, useless without affiliate tracking software. This means that if you are interested in stating your own affiliate program, you will need to purchase your own affiliate tracking software. This can easily be done over the internet. One of the best ways to find software is to perform a standard internet search. A search, with the words affiliate tracking software, should produce a number of different results. Many of those results are likely to include different software programs, all developed and sold by different individuals and companies.

Since there are a number of different software programs, you will find that different programs cost different amounts of money. In fact, some software sellers even charge their clients in different ways. With affiliate tracking software, there are many software sellers who charge their clients either a monthly fee, yearly fee, or a onetime fee. Yearly and onetime fees are often the best, especially if you are looking to save money. This is because when compared to monthly fees, the cost of using affiliate tracking software is generally lower.

The overall cost of affiliate tracking software will all depend on which software you plan on purchasing. Affiliate tracking software, on average, can be purchased for as low as five hundred dollars; however, that price can also skyrocket to a couple thousand dollars. If you are only interested in testing out an affiliate program, to see how it works, you are advised to search for low-cost software. In the event that your affiliate program does not generate enough sales as you had hoped, you should be able to end the program without losing a large amount of your investment.

To learn exactly how much affiliate tracking software costs, you are advised to find the product in which you are interested in purchasing. Somewhere on the company’s website, you should be able to find an exact purchase price. You should also be able to obtain the same information by speaking to a customer service representative.

Hand Written Notes – the Original Social Media

By: George Torok

More Personal Than Digital Media

It’s impossible to ignore the Social Media crusade. Perhaps you received business through Social Media contacts and activity. I admit that I’ve made interesting new contacts, renewed old friendships and generated business through social media.

However, I’ve received a lot more business and recognition from sending hand written notes. The two best messages to send via hand written note are thank you and congratulations. Thank you for your business, help, referral, testimonial, patience, gift…
Congratulations on your achievement, recognition, new venture, milestone… The prompting for the note could be personal or business.

Here’s why you might consider sending hand written notes.

Your note will stand out which means it will be noticed and remembered. Very few people are sending hand written notes so you will be different from the rest.

The open and read rate is much higher than for email or other avenues of digital messaging. Most people will promptly and eagerly open the envelope to see what the note says.

It’s low tech, which means that it’s simple to do and easy to follow through. You don’t need to register for expensive classes on how to use this tool or hire consultants to do it for you.

It’s your hand writing. What could be more personalized than that? There’s character in your handwriting that can never be captured by Arial or Times Roman. It doesn’t matter if your handwriting is sloppy as long as it is legible. The secret is to slow down when you write that note.

It’s handwritten so people realize that it’s personal and written from you to them – one-to-one. We never really know about your digital messages. They could be mass messaging or cut-and-paste.

Opening the envelope and holding the note, is tactile which means that it stimulates an underused sense.

This marketing device will never be hijacked by Google or Facebook. You could order custom printed stationary or you could buy a package of plain note cards and envelopes.

The next step for you is to make it a daily or at least weekly habit to send notes to clients, prospects, associates, staff and other contacts.

© George Torok is co-author of the bestselling, Secrets of Power Marketing. It’s the guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer and published in seven countries. Get your free copy of “50 Power Marketing Ideas” at www.PowerMarketing.ca

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