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Wholesale Marketplace Online for Clothing

11/30/2015 in Business | Comments (0)

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Starting an e-commerce business is one of the most profitable things to do nowadays. Penetration of smart phones and mobile commerce has opened new avenues for businesses to tap into the consumer market and add more revenue chains in their business.
What to sell on an e-commerce is one of the question which everyone asks because being a business owner you have to look into where will you buy the stuff, what will be the quality offered, how will the payment methods be setup, how to market the platform and most importantly how to bring in customers who will spend their money.

Enewwholesale is one of a kind unique wholesale marketplace specifically designed for B2B interaction. We have an extensive product range properly classified which comes with an easy to use web interface. Browse hundred types of shoes, clothes, booties, handbags or accessories. Our value proposition is that we have the lowest rates which guarantees high returns for your business.

Talking specifically about women, two of the hottest categories of our website are Women Shoes and Women Booties. Either you are looking for buying wholesale stock for a particular niche market of let’s say flip flops or you are diversifying your collection of women shoes and are looking for the most up to date fashion. We have it all! has over 1000 fashion styles ranging from simple boots, heels, and sandals to the trendy flip flops. We have listed different wholesalers and manufacturers in USA with lowest price. Every day new styles are added daily. Shop daily and stay on top of your field and become your customer’s most preferred brand. is not restricted to women’s shoes you can also find a huge collection of wholesale women’s jeans, tops and other clothing. However, we recommend you to explore our collection of wholesale women’s booties. Recently, there is a massive boom in our wholesalers who are working in this domain.
You are guaranteed to have the best and the most trending women’s booties according to the latest fashion. Explore from hundreds of varieties for example dressing booties, flat booties, wedge booties, high heel booties, and casual boots to name a few. Explore the entire range on our website.

If you are looking to boost your online store sales then choosing our platform to diversify your product range would be the decision you will ever make. Join the list of hundreds of business who are making money by using our platform intelligently. Shop now!

Visit at the wholesale marketplace now for more information and wholesale products!

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High-Quality Traffic from Pinterest, on auto-pilot!

11/27/2015 in Marketing | Comments (0)

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In September Pinterest claimed an active user count of 100+ million. That is A LOT of people — and most of them are in the USA.

And if you have a product worth taking a picture of, you want it in front of Pinterest users. I say that because a survey of Pinterest users found that 87% of them use Pinterest to decide what to buy! None of the other social media platforms even come close.

Short on time? Click this link to be blown away by how easy it is to generate top-quality traffic from Pinterest:

Here’s the link

That same survey also showed that Pinterest users spend more per purchase, on average, than users of any other social media platform. Yes, even Facebook (I know you were thinking it).

The problem is that generating traffic from Pinterest is very time consuming and difficult. You have to post A LOT of pins (images) so that they get found when people search, and you have to get A LOT of followers so that your pins appear in their timeline and some of them click-through to your site.

Did I say that was time consuming and difficult? Well, it is, but only if you do it manually!

There’s a tool that will do ALL of the hard work for you, from growing followers to pinning tens of thousands of images (which it will find FOR YOU), resulting in long-term traffic generation to your site.

Want proof? Take a look at this traffic graph:

As the graph shows, 27,172 visitors came from Pinterest, and ONE TOOL was responsible for it: Social Multiplier.

Ready for a demo? Then click this link to see this powerful tool in action:

That graph shows the long-term traffic generation capabilities of Social Multiplier, but it doesn’t take a long time for you to start getting traffic to your site.

In fact, the demo video for this awesome tool shows it generating more than 100 unique visitors to a BRAND NEW SITE in just 24 hours!

I don’t know what more you could want — top quality traffic in huge amounts with almost all of the work done for you. That’s something that hasn’t happened in a LONG TIME, but that’s exactly what Social Multiplier will do for you.

This incredible tool is only available through midnight Friday EST, so get it now while the doors are open.

Here’s the link one more time: