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7 Tips To Brand A Master Resale Rights Product

December 19, 2014 in Affiliate Marketing | Comments (0)

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By: Chua Matt

How Does Master Resale Rights work?
You can find a product that you like, buy the copyrights to it, then it’s yours forever. “Buy it Once, Sell it for Life”, you own full master resale rights to the product in which you have purchased. You can name your price, set your selling on autopilot and enjoy the profits.

1)Products with Master Resale Rights
The best products to get your hands on are software titles and ebooks with reprint rights. There are many reasons to choose these types of items, a few reasons are: You can simplify your delivery method once a buyer purchases from you by offering an instant download link sent to the buyers email address once the transaction is complete. This entire process is easily automated using autoresponders and PayPal.

2)You can setup a free merchant account with company like PayPal, so you’re transactions are handled securely for minimal fees taken from each sale. This easily allows you to transfer funds from PayPal to your personal bank account. E-Books and Software are very popular sellers! Think of your buyers, they are already internet savvy, if you are selling to webmasters or internet business people well these products fit the bill.

3)Before buying a master resell rights product you should look at what benefits it will provide you in building your own online business. There are some excellent resell right products to help you in this area. Some examples are products that create popup windows, products that help build optin email list, products that help build membership sites and article directory sites, products that help build or promote affiliate programs and products that can help send traffic to you newly built website. That’s making money with resell right products without selling them.

4)Use your resell right products as bonuses with products you create. Look, everyone knows the best way to make money online is by selling your own product. There are many ways for you to create your own products to sell but that is for another article.

5)Add a complementing resell rights product as a bonus and increase the sales of you own product. Many times people will buy your product because you have added something they really wanted thats free.

6)You can usually set up your own website or add the sales page to your existing site. You could invest in pay per click ads or ezine ads. You could write articles. If you have private label rights to a book you can use some of the content to produce articles or even a free report for viral marketing.

7)Embed links ( into your free gift to create a viral marketing. Free traffic for you when your free gifts gets pass around the net.

Article source: Expert Articles

Five Ways Joint Venture Marketing Can Build Your Business

December 18, 2014 in Affiliate Marketing | Comments (0)

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Author: Christian Fea

Joint venture marketing is a relatively easy way to build your customer base without exorbitant advertising costs. This marketing approach takes full advantage of the experience and reputation of a company in a related field to help you find new clients and get your company name noticed by the people who matter.

There are many ways that joint venture marketing can improve your bottom line, and five of them are listed here.


When you are new to your industry, it may be hard to convince potential clients that you have what it takes to keep them happy. However, when your name is associated with another established company within your sector, it automatically gives you credibility in the eyes of clients. With your name linked to another company, it is much easier to get out and network with other professionals in your field, which will build a positive relationship with the general public and your specific industry even further.

Cost Effectiveness

Some small business owners shy away from “playing with the big boys” because they fear that they don’t have the cash to ante up. However, joint venture marketing is a relatively cheap way to get your business noticed because there is rarely cash to put up front at the beginning. Instead, a company works with you for a share of your profits. While the share might be large at first, the customer base you build will be well worth the investment. Because there is no need for capital at the beginning of the venture, you can start your JV marketing adventure any time.

More Exposure

Exposure is essential if you want to attract more customers to your business, and what better way to expose yourself than with the help of a bigger, more established company in your sector? While your website might see relatively few hits each day, your JV partner may see tens of thousands of hits regularly, and all of those potential clients will find your business name as well. That is an abundance of advertising for very little cash, which is why most small businesses would benefit from this type of arrangement.

Better Competitive Edge

If you want to compete with the bigger companies, you have to get your name out where customers are looking for them. Smaller businesses have serious challenges in showing that they are capable of providing the same goods and service as larger competitors. However, when your name is associated with those larger companies, customers automatically link your business to bigger ones. This gives you a competitive edge, because your company is weighed with the rest of the “big boys” when the customer is ready to spend.


The bottom line is the bottom line, after all. Some businesses are skeptical of their ability to turn a serious profit through joint venture marketing, since they are offering a lot of their profits to their partner in the beginning. However, the success of this marketing method proves that the ability to attract a multitude of new clients and build a serious reputation in your industry far outweighs the initial costs of a JV partnership.

About the author: Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A Joint Venture Marketing firm. He exemplifies how to profit from Joint Venture relationships by creating profit centers with minimal risk and maximum profitability.

Join his Joint Venture Marketing Wealth Report at

Consider some of the ideas to seek out in an online label maker

December 17, 2014 in Home Business | Comments (0)

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Searching for an online label maker is the best alternative if you wish to ponder out all your choices and come up with the correct buying decision. There are a wide number of label makers that are easily available over the internet. Numerous people assume that a label maker can be put to great use only when you wish to print out a large number of labels for your business objective. However a label maker can be of great personal use too. Imagine the multitude of addresses that you need to write throughout the holidays. A label maker could make this task quite simple by printing out every one of the address labels which you want.

Looking for the right type of software for a label maker is of crucial significance to make sure that you can actually use your label maker to its full potential. Should you have a product which you want to sell then you can use a label maker to produce the labels for the products. It can be labels for bottles of wine or even other items, you can get as creative as you please using your label maker to get the label of your choice. You can even go a stage further and develop bar code labels using your label maker. This will help you a great deal in handling your own inventory and maintaining some sort of track of your product sales.

You can also make good use of the label maker to make exciting and creative gift items. Burn off a CD and employ your label maker to generate a cover. It can be an ideal gift. Make use of the label maker gallery to generate labels intended for wine bottles that you plan to give hosts. Your wine bottle will be seen with a much more respect if you use your label maker to provide it an innovative appearance. You can get as inventive and as creative as you wish with your label maker as well as put it to as much usage as you please.

Whenever you look for your online label maker ensure that you get a free trial. A free trial will allow you to evaluate the label maker before you have purchased it. This will even allow you to discover if your label maker is going to be to your use or perhaps not. Together with the features and effortless usability of this label maker, you need to take a look at some other factors as well so that your choice is the best. Look for image accuracy from your label maker. This can ensure that your images are sharp and also perfect. It will also allow you to take prints in several positions of your choice. Measure the kind of flexibility the label software gives you. See if you possibly can make modifications in the pictures selected from the softwares image full article gallery. You need to be able to upload illustrations or photos as well as add written text to the images chosen from the image gallery. After you have evaluated your label maker and its software program you are ready to make your decision.

3 Keys to Grow Your Business

December 16, 2014 in Business | Comments (0)

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Author: Grant D. Robinson

Are you on pace to accomplish your important sales and financial goals this year?

The truth is, a good majority of US Organizations have been unable to grow their businesses this year. They are not reaching their sales and financial goals and many have all but given up.

Is this you? Are you now looking to next year to be the year you shatter previous productivity, sales and revenue records?

Regardless of whether you are on pace to meet your goals or not this year, it’s a great idea to start preparing for your best year ever; but you will need to prepare.

You’ve surly realized, it takes much more than just setting a goal to accomplish it. The mere act of putting the goal on paper, sharing it with your managers and giving the extra effort to accomplish the goal is really secondary to the preparation required.

Before you begin to work toward an objective, you must insure all of the past barriers that stood in the way of prior goal accomplishment are eliminated. If they aren’t, the unfortunate fact is, you’ll fail to meet the objective once again… for the same reasons as before.

The following are the three keys market leading organizations have used to grow their businesses. I suggest you consider them to take your organization to the next level of success also.

1. Operational Systems

There are two types of systems in your organization. The first is your operational systems, including:

1. Vision & Mission 2. Financial & Budgeting 3. Production, Manufacturing & Distribution 4. Sales & Marketing

All four of these systems are in place for one reason: to efficiently grow your business. They are the standards to how your organization operates from day to day. More importantly, they are the standards to how your workforce operates from day to day.

To improve productivity this quarter and prepare for your best year ever, it is vital to analyze your operational systems. In the next month, recognize what current productivity barriers must be eliminated, what operating expenses must be reduced, what unique cultural standards must be maintained and what marketing promises must be upheld.

2. Managerial Systems

In answering the previous questions, most organizations realize an important fact. Changes to operational systems are almost always made to improve the productivity of their workforce. But the truth is, these changes alone rarely help.

Organizations failing to accomplish their goals tend to make irrational decisions. They feel if they rewrite a vision, increase spending on technology, reorganize production procedures or alter their marketing messages, workforce performance and profits will magically improve.

However, the opposite is usually the case. The changes usually end up harming efficiency, production and morale. The usual outcome is, those employees who naturally performed the job they were hired to do before the changes, still naturally do. Those who failed to produce before the expensive operational modifications, still underachieve.

The second type of system in your organization is your managerial systems. The five most important processes of your managerial systems are: recruiting, hiring, training, developing and retaining (productive employees). When you create a successful managerial system, your hiring success rate, employee motivation and the effectiveness of your leaders will naturally improve.

To prepare for your best year ever, there is only one question to ask yourself: Why haven’t we been able to hire, develop and retain TOP Performing employees in every position.

3. Focus on People

Market leading organizations realize “people” are the key to growing a business and meeting goals. The more productive their individuals are, the more productive their teams have become.

A recent study of over 2,200 managers by Watson Wyatt Worldwide in Human Resource Executive Magazine found: Of the hundreds of management functions, “Selecting Staff” and “Retention” are the second and third most important management functions in business today. Recruiting was rank fifth.

Since almost three of four new hires fail to meet our expectations within the first year and managers are forced to constantly replace underachievers, recruiting is the number one management expense in business today. Although selecting staff and retention are rated very important, they rank 36th and 44th in management effort and spending respectively.

Although executives understand the importance of Top Performers in every position, their time, energy and financial priorities have become operational. With the amount of organizations failing to meet their goals or grow their businesses, it should be apparent that this strategy just doesn’t work.

Hiring Top Performers for every position in your company, the first time, is the only way to insure your productivity and profits will improve. Traditionally, Top Performers are five to eight times more productive then their counterparts.

You’ve probably learned the hard way, no modification to an operational system will ever increase your organization’s performance five to eight times. If you are like the most effective executives, you’ll understand this and will double or triple the productivity and profits of your organization by giving your managers the tools to hire, develop and retain your greatest value; your people.

Great customer service, work ethic, motivation, productivity and sales success comes from employees that fit your culture, their team and the job they were hired to do. Whether it takes developing your underachievers or replacing them with someone who will naturally produce, it is now time to focus on your people to prepare for your best year ever.

About the author: Grant D. Robinson is the President of People Values and the Author of the Market Leadership System. To improve your “Hiring Success Rate” of TOP Performing Employees, watch a free, 5-minute, on-line video at:

How to Get More Ratings and Reviews on iTunes

December 15, 2014 in Marketing | Comments (0)

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Article By: Nicole Dean

I’ve been hearing that ratings and reviews are really important on iTunes if you have a podcast. But, why and how in the heck did you get them?

First of all, WHY are reviews important? Your traffic and exposure to your podcast from iTunes appears to be directly related to the number of comments/reviews you have – although that is arguable, depending on who you ask. But, it does tend to make your podcast appear more credible, whether the comments are positive or negative – just because it shows that people are listening.

Let me give you a quick back story on why this is the topic of my article.

I had my podcast on iTunes.
Like a doofus, I removed it. (Don’t ask.)
I’ve struggled to get it re-added, and now am starting from scratch to get subscribers, reviews and ratings.

I have a plan to get more reviews and ratings on iTunes, but I’m still obviously experimenting. Here it is…

1. Write an Article about iTunes Reviews.

I’m writing an article where I beg for ratings. (checking that off my list now… This is it.) Subtle, aren’t I?

2. Asking Past Guests who’ve Been on My Show.

I am contacting my friends who have been interviewed on the show and am asking them to take a moment to review the show, to help us both get more traffic. I’ll also resend the transcripts of the show to them, so they can help spread the word.

3. Adding iTunes Button to My Blog.

I added a button to the upper right corner of my blog where it showcases the iTunes link. (It used to be hidden more.) I know… that’s really fancy marketing, right? There’s nothing too slick about that. Just an oversight that I corrected.

4. My Email Lists.

I’m going to mention the link to my lists frequently (as a sidenote) and add mention of it to my autoresponder sequence, too.

5.Create a Viral Report about iTunes Traffic.

I’ll be turning this article into a free pdf report that will get my iTunes account more exposure – and, hopefully, more reviews. I’ve asked some friends to contribute to add more value to the report – and get more people passing it around.

6. During the Podcast.

I’ll mention during the shows that I record from now on that I’m on iTunes and that I appreciate reviews. I’ll also call out some of the names of people who have posted reviews and thank them publicly.

7. Host a Contest.

I might also host a contest and give the prize to one of the people who comments on my iTunes account. I just have to come up with a really juicy prize first.

I’ve got a few other ideas up my sleeve, but that’s the game plan for now. We’ll see what happens.

Find out if these ideas worked (or not) by checking out my podcast on iTunes. You’ll find the link on my blog at If you’d like to see what other experts suggested, check out this post: How to Get More Reviews on iTunes.

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