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5 Hot Tips for Boosting Ezine Sign-Ups

10/06/2015 in Network Marketing | Comments (0)

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Guest Posy By Angela Wills

If you already have an ezine/newsletter and would like to get more people signing up to it (who doesn’t!) here are some simple things you can do now to increase subscriptions and get more people signing up to your newsletter.

1. Look at Your Sign-Up Boxes – What do they say? Is the text appealing? Do you have an attractive graphic?

Your newsletter signup area should be like a mini-salespage. It should have a headline that is attention-getting and grabs people to pull them in and tell them the benefits of handing over their email address. Just putting up a form that says ‘fill out your name and email to be added to my list’ is NOT going to get you the most sign-ups!

An example of a good headline might be “Sign Up Now to Get Your FREE Tips, Resources and Special Offers on X!”

You’ll also want to have some specific text below the sign-up box that also describes what they will be getting. Bullet points work, highlighting, italics. Make it important and make it stand out.

You can also look at your ‘Submit’ button and see how you can create a greater call to action with this. You can use words like ‘Get my Free Subscription’ or ‘Sign Me up Now!’.

2. Opt-in Sign-Up Placement – Where have you placed your sign-up box on your website? Is it just on the main page of your site?

Your main page of your website may get a lot of traffic but what about the rest of the pages? If you only have your opt-in on the main page then you need to think about incorporating it in to the rest of the pages of your site since you will often get website visitors from the search engines who don’t find you through your main page. You don’t want to lose these people!

Another thing to consider is to place the opt-in sign-up on other websites you have that are also in the same niche as your list.

3. Test the Location of Your Opt-in – Where is your opt-in or sign-up offer located?

Moving your opt-in location can make a big difference in the number of sign-ups you receive. If you currently have your opt-in in the right sidebar of your site, try it on the left (assuming you have a left) or try it in the copy of your website. Test out what happens when you move it around and if you see an increase in subscribers you’ll know you’ve found a winning location.

4. Use a Pop-up/Hover-ad -Yes these can be annoying to some people but they really do work. They don’t have to be annoying either if used sparingly. If you use a service like AWeber (which I highly recommend) then you can set the ads to pop in only once per visit or one per visitor so that people who are clicking around your site don’t need to keep closing your ad.

Test out a hover ad and see if that increases your conversions. Sometimes it can have a very big effect on the overall conversions.

5. Host a Teleseminar – Now this task may not seem as easy as the others to set up. Once you do have a system set up, however, hosting teleseminars can become part of your routine and be pretty easy to get going. Hosting a teleseminar allows people to get to know you better and creates more word of mouth about your business.

Of course you’ll also want to be looking at bringing more traffic to your website so more people see your email opt-in offer but you can use these five hot tips to start seeing more opt-ins without increasing your traffic one bit.

Are you ready to get your ezine/newsletter up and running so it can help generate more client/customer traffic to your website? Then join me in my new training program that walks you step-by-step through the process of building your list, creating a freebie, and getting more sign-ups.

The Magic Formula of Attracting Success

10/05/2015 in Business | Comments (0)

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One of the fundamental things that I believe and that happens to me personally over and over again is that the Universe delivers to me exactly what I need and exactly what I ask for. It is a kind of Magic Formula that always works for me and for everyone in my life, including my coaching clients.
One of the fundamental things that I believe and that happens to me personally over and over again is that the Universe delivers to me exactly what I need and exactly what I ask for. It is a kind of Magic Formula that always works for me and for everyone in my life, including my coaching clients.

By observing the lives of so many people around me I have noticed that, if we blame people or things for problems that we encounter, the Universe delivers to us more things that can go wrong so that we can blame more. This happens subconsciously.

We have two types of mind: conscious and subconscious. Your conscious mind is only 10% (a very small part of your total mind). 90% of your mental life is subconscious. The real reason why a lot of people never achieve success in life is because they only use this 10% of their conscious mind. If you could only learn how to use more of your subconscious mental energy, you would be amazed how much more success you could attract and experience in life.

It works like this: If you say, “I need more money,” thinking that this will focus you on ways to make more money and deliver more money to you, the truth is that the Universe will deliver to you more need for more money, not more money. This is very subtle in the way it works.

So how should you change your thinking?

Activate Your Magic Formula Of Success by developing an ongoing Attitude Of Gratitude Campaign in your life and the lives of those around you.

This means breaking your old habits and auto-responses to situations and frustrations immediately

Here are some simple and powerful steps to make it work:

Step 1.
Start off each day immediately upon waking up with the thought, “Today is a perfect day, the best day ever.”

Step 2.
End each day, as you climb into bed, with “Today was perfect and tomorrow will be even better.”

Step 3.
Make a list of those things that you want to achieve today and every day, adding to it as you realize that you are able to achieve more. Instead of saying, “I have bills to pay, so I need more money,” say it this way: “My life is perfect, all my needs are met, I am living in abundance.”

Step 4.
Create a Gratitude Journal, and every morning write 10 new things for which you are grateful. Guess what will happen soon after you start sincerely paying attention and acknowledging your blessings?

You start attracting all your goals and dreams like a magnet.

As you are working through this process yourself, encourage others to do the same. Share this simple and powerful wisdom with everyone in your life.

Together, let’s make this World a better place!

By: Arthur Mavericck

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